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  • I found this on the Apple Support site: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=300558 Quote: The Autofill feature of iTunes will not add audiobooks and podcasts to iPod shuffle. Instead, you should manually add audiobooks and podcasts t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Rick12322 Hey all you progam developers, You assume too much; I'm no program developer. Quote: Originally posted by Rick12322 Ideally, I'd like to see a nice book "writing OS X code for dummies." Why would …
  • I would like to add, that if you don't scan for viruses, you should be just as cautious with e-mail attachments from dubious sources as with Windows, because it is still possible to infect Windows computers if you send such contaminated e-mail attac…
  • I guess that programs that use technologies (e.g. third-party C libraries for audio and video streaming) other than Apple's will have problems running under Rosetta. Is that assumption correct?
  • Thanks, that was exactly what I needed! If you're interested, here is the discussion on the Moho forum that covers my little project: Moho General Forum - Exchanging moho files with intact image links Edit: Unfortunately, "find" proved not to…
  • Quote: Originally posted by EthoX you can download Teal here http://www.leynos.ukshells.co.uk/software/ Thanks for that link. I tried some of the software directories (MacUpdate, Versiontracker), but those point to a non-existing server.
  • I was going to recommend Teal, but the developer's site is gone (as is the download location), so my next best recommendation is Seashore, which is also a basic paint program. A nice program to beatify your images is ImageWell. This isn't so much…
  • From the manual of Curly: Quote: Curly is a simple tool to create still images, QuickTime movies, or animated gifs. Built on top of Java2D, it offers transparencies, gradients, styled text, splined curves, vector-based animation, and many many …
  • Jeremy Wood sent me an e-mail msg. Cartoon Animator is now called Curly, and can be downloaded from: http://homepage.mac.com/bricolage1/software/ Thanks for that, Jeremy