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  • thanks, that's pretty cool too... but i'm looking for that one guy's story
  • I don't really care about high-tech stuff right now... All i care about now is getting the world away from the win32 platform.... . This won't happen easily or early in companies, but might happen faster than one might think... well, i hope so …
  • Quote: Originally posted by progmac i can't believe how many spinning beach balls i get! in finder, in safari, all the time! (but still my 1ghz ibook g4 is clearly normal). So, uh, yeah, fix that. i want .net for mac os x
  • or perhaps they started their own recordlabel since they seem to have trouble with those selfish big boys note to apple: stay focused on os x too! i still want a descent finder replacement!
  • i don't think it will be current hardware upgrades.... the target audience for these stunts is too wide.. jobs want them to have a jawdropping reaction like "woah, apple is good.. look what they invented now.. nobody has that.. i'll take two!" so…
  • im looking for something similar... soundtrack would be an option but kinda expensive
  • go ask the IT department then ask them what server you need to connect to.. perhaps which protocol.. at school we use ssl webdav.. (finally "works" in tiger's finder)
  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison Such as? indeed, i'm using it since the day it was released and i still have too find one (except for the mail importing thing )
  • if everything was so impossible like you say it is here i don't think we could fly airplanes, or even.. have stuff like powermac's with tiger on it. dare to have some fantasy dude... everybody knows apple will eventually come up with dual core tech…
  • ooooooooooooh, i thought this was an XBOX-topic.... got confused with all the sony stuff... quit bashing folks... so, what ya think? "3 symmetrical cores at 3.2 GHz each" -> wwdc?
  • making accounts appear on one contact list or at least make a descent way to easy select which list you want to see or show up one if it is hidden... adding a function to register a jabber account on some server (perhaps choose your own) add funct…
  • from tweakers.net: Quote: Xbox 360 Hardware: 1. Support for DVD-video, DVD-Rom, DVD-R/RW, CD-DA, CD-Rom, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 cd, JPEG photo CD 2. All games supported at 16: 9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing 3. Customizable face plates to …
  • I really hope a nice desigend homethingy like mediacenter. not as goofy kindergarden blue... . They have the knowledge and talent :-) would be great...
  • so am i one of the few that doesn't notice all those problems? I've ran Firefox all time in Panther and windows.. But this new Safari is amazing... i haven't installed another browser here... Tiger is way faster and nicer than panther! Only bug …
  • Quote: Originally posted by a_greer and icon placement in the finder window is just pathetic, they by default are scattered with no logic to the scatter...what is wrong with having everything in nice neat rows...not unchamgable... they are alp…
  • I hope finder gets better.. yesterday something really annoying happened: I copied 150 avi movieclips over the network in the wrong folder.. instead of in a folder on the desktop, i put them all on the desktop... Finder just crashed, it couldn't ha…
  • :S I hope that doesn't happen to me... Those prices you name there are a disgrace.. $500 for a 1-2 businessday replace?? how insane is that.. pff. I like apple a lot but sometimes i can't follow those guys.. money maniacs!
  • There is only one thing i really want, well no, two things :P lower prices!! an audio app like adobe audition
  • I wish i could get a G5 in the imac G4 clothing.. i really liked that half egg with supernice lcd screen. But now they're totally unavailable.. the stores say "nope, we can't sell you"
  • hmmm... but the whole computer just crashed...black screen, unusable. i told her to hold powerbutton, and restart... that worked, but i find it unhealthy