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  • Neutrino is right. The 900mhz is probably the best option. It won't mess with your network at all. The problem is with the 900's is that there isn't much in terms of options left out there. We needed phones with caller ID and call waiting ID and did…
  • Thanks for all the feedback! I decided to stick with the Blackberry. I've had it for a month and am very happy with it so far.
  • I meant to say that I had to get rid of the 2.4 gig phones (hated it, but had to do it)
  • Don't make yourself crazy over this. There are a hundred different little settings things you can do, from changing the channel to using interference robustness to downloading different application managers that will allow you to pinpoint the distur…
  • Ugh. What a pain. Oh well. However, it seems like you know your way around BB. I'm kind of new at it. I actually have one day left before I can take it back and try something else. Would you recommend the Treo? I know Palm doesn't really do great…
  • Which PDA's specifically? I spoke to a buddy of mine who has a blackberry and a mac and he steered me away from it. Said the interface with PocketMac, while better than nothing, still left a lot to be desired. He suggested I look into the Trio, w…
  • Well, for anyone that is interested, I figured it out. I actually called MS this morning 'cause I was getting desperate and they told me that email attachments had to be done one at a time. According to them, there was no way to do it. HA! You fo…
  • SpcMs: Okay, that looks like it could work. Now the million dollar question: how do you do that? I just checked word and couldn't find anything in the help section about 'adding notes'. Thanks!
  • Yeah? I've got conflicting reports about that. I actually spoke with Adobe product specialists and they said no, it wouldn't work. Would love some confirmation on that. Have you tried it?
  • Thanks for the update. Is there a way to tell if the files are protected or not?
  • I just realized that my .mac expired 'cause I never really used it. Not only that but I don't know that I want to pay $99/year for essentially backup software. Thanks again for the suggestion but I'm still open to hearing more...
  • I do actually. That's a great idea. Thanks.