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  • Dose the new ipod have a built in speaker eg. For the alarm Thanks
  • I'm thinking of getting a Linksys WAG54G-AU because of the range 60-100m but if the express could reach I would get it. I'm going to meassure out the distance tommorw and go from there. If any one out there has any airport express how have you found…
  • Thanks baranovich No i don't have an airport express yet. Because i don't want to spend AU$200 on one and doesn't do what i primarily want it to do. Although it would be handy for other stuff. I don't really want to get a 3rd party wireless swit…
  • Thanks baranovich I think it may just reach here is a rought layout map. May give people a bit more of an idea. Thanks
  • Yep that what he said 4!!!!! i hope it is a 23 inch Here the link if you want to check it out. Fitzy
  • I found this on macnn ---------------------------------------------------------- I was by the Apple store in Soho tonight just before they closed and saw that they were setting up a new window display. It featured 4 iMacs mounted in a horizontal…
  • Dose is seem odd to anyone else that the low end power mac is only a 1.8GHz G5 with only 256MB ram , 80GB hard drive and a NVIDIA GeForce FX. I would have expected this to at least be bumped up to = the imac 20inch rev b. Unless they indented to upd…
  • Thanks For your advice guys and girls. AsLan^ Sorry I teach 3d and video as well as web development need somthing with a bit more power. But what i am not sure about is just what happened to you with you ctr, are you able to get it fixed.
  • Thanks for the advices. I'm think I'll end up getting a Mac now. I think I might have a look at getting a power mac after Gon suggestion. In answer to what I?ll be using it for. (Graphic design - Adobe illustrator and Photoshop .ect, some 3d not ha…
  • I think they will announce it some time this week and release it on the 15th. Because the 15th is the Friday just before NAB starts, which will run from the 16th to the 21st. They are also need core imaging to show of the new version of final cut pr…
    in OS X Tiger Comment by fitzy55 April 2005
  • Because I want to here from people who have an imac and if they had any trouble and well this is the most likly place.
  • Who thinks that tiger will be announced Tuesday? And who thinks the updates to the imac will be announced Tuesday? I'm hopping they will? I want to get a 20 inch Imac
    in OS X Tiger Comment by fitzy55 April 2005
  • Yeap I think if the article is correct it is most likely referring to tiger and the updates to imac .ect. But I'll still be exited if I just tiger.
    in OS X Tiger Comment by fitzy55 April 2005
  • STOP PRESS - The next issue of MacUser 10:09AM Exciting times are ahead. Big things are about to happen in the world of computing, and MacUser wants to be the first to bring you the news. So, to make sure you get the full low-down on the bigges…
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  • Ok people if there not going to release tiger on the 1st when do you think they will\
  • What time do you guys think apple will release tiger if it is released on April 1st? Midnight, morning, afternoon