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  • I just fixed the problem by unchecking the box that said display album artwork, syncing, and then re-checking it and syncing. I feel like such an idiot for not doing it earlier and wasting time on the post.
  • I think I'm the only one that doesn't see it, but Yahoo Music and iTunes don't really look anything alike in my opinion. Okay, the album info is up top and the songs are below if, but come on.
  • They ripped of iTunes by... making an online music store?
  • Limewire
    in p2p? :( Comment by ejpejp August 2005
  • Also, maybe instead of just getting the album art when you buy an album, maybe they should give you the choice to buy the booklet too. I know for some albums (Like Quadrophenia by The Who), the inside booklet is very cool and helps you understand th…
  • How about selling songs in 160kbps AAC? I know Apple probably has reasons for keeping it at 128, but 160 sounds so much better than 128 for only a modest increase in file size. Oh ya, and maybe if you join CD tracks when you import, make it so th…
  • Also, Apple loves to tout how easy OS X is. By giving new computer users this mouse that you squeeze, doesn't really have buttons, and has a scrollBALL (my mom, using computers for about 2 years, still gets confused with a scrollWHEEL) just makes it…
  • The problem with trying to save every animal imaginable is that they start to encroach on human neighborhoods. Just search for "kill bear" on google news and you will see that police are having to kill tons of bears that are attacking humans because…
  • How long until apple authorized retailers get this? (Obviously you won't know exactly, but if you know on average how long it takes for them to get new products like this) I live a little far from a retail store so trying out at an authorized resell…
  • Also, think about battery time. The iPod already has bad battery time if you have the backlight on the entire time; Image what it would be like watching an entire movie. (A 2 hour movie might entirely drain the battery)
  • What's up with the BBC podcast? It sounds like a robot is talking. I want to hear the British accent.