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  • Well this makes me feel a little less sad about the fact that I bought before the upgrade. I miss out on the upgraded proccessor but that is about it. The way some people were talking here I was worried it would be a G5 widescreen.
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunilraman what brand of router? you on tiger 10.4.2? got the latest firmware for the router? Thank you!!! This worked like a charm!
  • True enough. I have a feeling that the upgrade will not be life shattering although I could be wrong. I have no interest in playing games or anything of that ilk, so I cannot imagine how the upgrade will effect me too much. My only problem n…
  • Well if it turns out to be a huge change I will make sure as to demand satisfaction. I may even sick my dad on them and they realy do not want to deal with him.
  • In case these are huge updates, what is apples return policy. Is their any sort of thirty day guarentee? I must admit I am not too worried as I have already fallen in love with the machine as it is. I really don't need anything much flashier.
  • I just got my iBook today so I hope that the change is not huge. I got the upgraded ram and marddrive but I must admit I am a little concerned.
  • For what I want the laptop for I am not too worried about an upgrade. A little but not tons. The shipping seems good. The iPod shipped two days ago and the iBook shipped today! I am sooooo pumped to be getting a mac again. Now I need to know what…
  • I'm getting frustrated waiting for this new iBook but still paranoid about jumping the gun grrrrrrrr.
  • One quick add-on. Do you think the prices will go up with the upgrade or stay close to the prices of the iBooks now?
  • Thanks for the tips. I am really excited to get back to the world of Macs.
  • That is a good point. My main concern is not the intel chip but the rumours that new iBooks are coming out really soon. I don't want to spend the $1400 and then see I could have got somethin a lot better a month latter.