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  • The high cost in Denmark is partly because it is illegal to simlock a phone for more than 6 months. Telia has to make sure to cover the subsidy within that timeframe. There is no excuse for only including 300 MBs in the plan though.
  • I've been using eMusic for about 2 years on a mac and had no problems. The download client is not an universal binary, but works fine through rosetta.
  • I think aMSN is your best bet, but it is not perfect. Skype will be adding video support to the mac client later and I hope that will provide the first widespread bulletproof mac to pc video client. Hopefully that will make ms update messenger, but …
  • Doom 3?
  • As a sidenote Internet Explorer runs fine under rosetta.
  • Get the following codecs and throw them in /Library/Quicktime. This will allow you to use quicktime for viewing most video files. DivX: (intel and powerpc) Xvid or 3ivx:…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ibook911 However, I may still stay with Safari, for I prefer the smaller form that the top of the browser takes up in Safari. Do you know what I mean? Camino takes up a lot more of my screen at the top, showing less o…
  • If you need to run classic apps on the intel macs, you have to use an emulator and run OS 9 in a seperate window. By example sheepshaver ( ), which is free. I have no experience with it, so I can't comment on speed, eas…
  • Yes, you can export a quicktime movie from keynote 3, which will automatically run as full screen even if quicktime pro isn't installed - only the regular free quicktime player is needed. The movie is interactive, which makes it pause at each slide …
  • Soundfiles do export to flash in Keynote 3 (part of iWork '06). Movies don't though.
  • What I am hoping for is an iBook/MacBook with a 15" screen. It would look stupid with the current iBook design though - even the 14" looks a bit awkward - but many people want a larger screen, but aren't willing to pay $2000 for a laptop.
  • I really don't see the mini become a media center (except for the addition of front row). A computer and a media center is two different things for several reasons: One is operated through keyboard, mouse and a display, the other is operated through…
  • Since the .doc format is a closed proprietary format it is almost impossible to insure 100% compatibility with .doc-documents produced by microsoft word. This is the main reason why pages uses it's own format. Also, using the same format as Word, co…
  • No, sorry. I think the fastest (and most reliable?) way of running windows apps on a mac is using virtual pc. I have no idea if it would be possible to run civ iii on it though. I guess it depends a lot on your hardware... A project called darwine …
  • I think Pages shows a lot of potential, because of the use and focus on styles, which is the key to seperate the content and the layout (like stylesheets on webpages). But I think the use of the styles could be better. It would be incredible cool …