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  • Well that's cool that we all pretty much agree. The "just works"ness of the Mac never gets old. When using Ubuntu, I don't really get tired of doing the extra work to get the results I want, but I can totally see where it would.
  • The thing is, you know it's stealing, you only try to justify it using facts. It's like me saying "Well officer, this is how I WASN'T breaking the law", trying to advert the situation from the main problem. And if you want a free OS, go with Linu…
  • That's hella funny. Never saw that before. I love seeing little things like this by Apple.
  • Vista only requires 1GB, but Home Premium recommends 2GB. Deffinently won't hurt. Vista hogs up too much RAM.
  • As far as I'm considered, if you bought a computer that came with Leopard on it, running Tiger will be now problem.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by ad4m.phillips I've got a MacBook at the moment. 2.0ghz CoreDuo. I want to buy the new iMac when Leopard comes out so i'll have the Core2Duo with Leopard's 64 bit setup. Am I reading too much into this? How much faster …
  • Well everything worked fine. After another charge, no problems and the battery works fine. I guess this was just a fluke.
  • No, you cannot sync OFF of your iPhone/iPod to your computer. There is, however, certain programs that allow you to do that. The reason why your music library was erased was because they are both on auto so they auto-delete themselves. In preference…
  • We all know how to turn off a phone, and we all know that power cycling temporarily fixes the small problem, but it does not solve the problem. What onlooker doesn't seem to understand is that you can just fix a problem by putting on a band-aid by r…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by fuzz_ball There is obviously a bug, and hopefully a fix is coming soon. In the mean time, the reset seems to fix the issue (albeit temporarily). I agree. It seems like a firmware update would solve it all.
  • I said "Like It" because everything is perfect, it just that the entire time I was reading online about the iPhone, I got the impression that it was going to be way bigger. I'm happy that it is smaller, so it can fit in my pocket, but mostly dissapp…
  • Nice first post. I actually thought about something like this, though. Honestly, if you personally think that the iPhone is going to lead to the downfall of civilization, then go read a book or something. There are way bigger things to worry abou…
  • Well, Apple states it has WiFi capability, and even my PSP can do that (access the internet at my house), so I was just double checking about everything.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by blf the reason i am interested is because the logical next step for this device is to replace a laptop. walk into your office and drop it into a cradle and your desktop opens on your 23" monitor. sam thing when you go …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by -dF Um... Preview. I just want to be able to view PDF email attachments. Agreed. Also I would want some sort of photo editor. Not Photoshop or anything in depth, something like a glorified "MS Paint".
  • This makes me even more excited about the iPhone. Now I can carry less videos on my phone and more music ^_^
  • Cool. It does have an automatic shut-down and I should get a battery backup. Thank you!
  • Awesome. I though Apple's goal was only 3% of the entire market? Either way, 10% is killer!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by cyko95 Well unless you bought bad RAM or RAM that doesn't match the speed of your system I doubt the RAM is it. Especially considering it's making a difference once your in OSX. My guess would be whatever you were me…
  • Command+L Automatically selects the URL box in Safari.