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  • Quote: Originally posted by MisticMayhem Ok, so i got rid of the Ken Burns effect. now, who the hell is Ken Burns? Is there anyway to do this to an album rather than having to make a slide show everytime? is there any way change default sett…
  • If you have a DV camcorder, you can usually use that. Mine (Sony) came with a component cable. You can set it for input or output. Plug in the firewire cable and you're good to go.
  • Senuti is definately the way to go for Mac. For Windows, try PodPlayer. It's free and you can run it off of your iPod so you don't have to install anything on the computer you want to copy to. The interface is...ok. You get used to it, but it's …
  • Open Applications:Utilities:Keychain Access Open preferences and check "Show Status in Menu Bar Click the little padlock icon that shows up by the clock and choose "Lock Screen"
  • Click on one of the songs -> Click 'Edit' -> 'Select All' -> Right-click 'Play next in Party Shuffle" If you don't want all of the songs in the album, I think you'll have to use the keyboard.
  • I feel your pain. Here's how I've worked around it on my 3G (which may or may work for you.) I've set the artist the same as the album title. This let's me find the compilation under artists or albums, and it keeps all of the tracks in one place.…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Anders Well? I can rotate the secondary display connected to my PowerBook...though that means I'd have to turn my head sideways (or upside-down) to read it.
  • Fine, you made me do it. Here goes. iTunes: 8623 songs, 26.7 days, 32.28 GB (all legal, mostly ripped from my CDs) iPhoto: 5496 photos, 9.6 GB (by year) 1999: 239 2000: 249 2001: 185 2002: 260 2003: 1629 (the year my son was born…
  • I just noticed the same thing. I'm using a PSC 1610 on a USB JetDirect box. I added it as a regular HP networked printer and picked the DeskJet 1600c as my print driver (I think it's a Gimp one). It seems to print fine.
  • Guess it depends on the power output of the Firewire port. Most built-in 6-pin FW connections should be fine, though I have seen issues where they don't put out enough juice (mostly on unpowered FW hubs though.) ?
  • Unfortunately, it looks like you can't get to it from the .Mac site. Apparently the only way to get to it is to type in the URL -{username}/{CalendarName} Unfortunate.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Jwink3101 for better or for worse, Safari RSS prints and URL, Title, and other info on printouts You can turn that off in the print settings. file>print> click the drop down that says "copies & pages" …
  • Quote: Originally posted by puhz Well, I had to purchase a PCMCIA Firewire card so I could plug the iPod in because the second generation iPods don't support the dock. Does this have anything to do with USB 2.0 even though I'm not connected via U…
  • Quote: Originally posted by WhiteRabbit You will have to use third-party software (like Senuti) to copy songs off of the iPod and onto your other computer. The other option would be to copy the songs that you don't have on your other computer …
  • Quote: Originally posted by bryan.fury sorry for the late reply. unfortunately the link doesn't work.. Sorry about that... Try this one. (That's https
  • Quote: Originally posted by bryan.fury austria is available in version 4. i have been using it myself without any problems. Hm...not sure then. He can try setting up an account here, I see Austria as an option. (Hopefully that link works.)
  • Actually, Austria is an option for prints... However, you may want to check which version of iPhoto he's using. I believe that the non-US/Canada prints and books are only available with iPhoto 5.…
  • Yeah, it was a kinda crappy thing they snuck into 4.7.1 Check here
  • Check out iScroll . I was a little hesitant to install it, but I'm glad I did. The 2-finger linear scrolling is AWESOME. (I can't get used to the circular scrolling though) I'm running it on a 15" PBG4 1.25MHZ.
  • I just wish it wouldn't have to launch Quicktime when I want to watch one of my little 2 MB movies. If Quicktime can be embedded in a web page, why not iPhoto? The option to rotate the video clips in iPhoto would be nice too. (I know, I shouldn't …