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  • This is my new setup: 400mhz iMac OS9 1Ghz 12" PB OSX 10.2.7 VPC Win XP pb and imac This is my collection: Mac Classic (top 2) Mac IIci (below left) Mac LC 475 (below right) collection pb 12" at night ps. geocities' w…
  • I am not sure about this, not a technical person. I have a powerbook 12", after using it for some time, i feel that it is "warm"(Here is tropical, so it is normal). This it my first PB, so i can't compare. Cooligy should slove allot of Apple G5 prob…
  • there are some more info from Forbes: Quote: A Silicon Valley startup called Cooligy has some curious ideas about how to cool chips in the near future. It uses between half a cup and a cup of water, depending on the size of the computer, to buil…
  • This website has a lot of information about using Chinese on Mac, they may take a look. Link
  •'s editorial reviews: "This oversized, coffee-table volume is devoted to the industrial design of every product made at Apple Computer over the course of 20 years. Lavishly illustrated with over 400 large color photographs by photog…
  • Quote: Originally posted by moki IBM has its own heavily optimized POWER4 compilers already. A better question might be "Why is GCC only being optimized for the POWER4/PPC 970 architecture only now?" ok, this is very clear. BTW, are you sti…
  • I need recording feature too, for my job. and, i like travel and take a lot of digital photo. memory card is always not enough for me. so I wish it can download photos from the digital camara. I can imagin how nice to travel with just Canon's IXUS a…
  • Quote: Originally posted by nathanberkowicz I have enjoyed this thread immensely. My poor little B Series iMac blew a CRT and I am contemplating a new iMac but obviously do not want to buy foolishly. It seems the consensus is that the G4 is not…
  • Quote: Originally posted by JLL Quanta also said almost a year ago that they were going to produce 19" iMacs It said the 19" iMac is coming this May: "Sources added that Apple stil…
  • i am using 9.1, and i have the same problem: everytime i start up my iMac, the time is 12:00am 1904!
  • Quote: Originally posted by stunned using 10.2.4 now without classic, though I wish I was using 10.2.3.... 10.2.4 is giving me lotsa problems... my modem can no longer connect at 56k now... Hey! another Singaporean here! How are you!
  • Quote: Originally posted by CosmoNut Come on! I know more people here use OS 9 than just me. That 1 so far is my vote, and I started the thread! Anybody? (crickets chirping) I am with you! Now using 9.1 on my iMac DV SE. I almost don't…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mac OS X Addict Anyway, the only way that Bush will steal the BOD position from Gore is if his brother Jeb is doing the counting.
  • He thought the PowerMac is a handphone!
  • Hi Jon and Brad, thank you very much! It is very fast and look good.
  • Quote: Originally posted by r-0X#Zapchud Unexpected: The Powermac 970 is here already! Ya! A 970 Notebook is even better I want that.
  • Fran, must be your PDA Apple own you.
  • I like MacFormat, but Borders is selling it at amost US $20 here.
  • i search "apple computer" and found this: ViaVoice for Macintosh OSX 3.0 This product is not yet published. You may order it now, and we will ship it to you when it arrives.
  • I am journalist. Most of the time doing international news.