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  • Just bought the upgraded 21.5in iMac, can't wait to see how it holds up! Bootcamp for gaming and the power of OS X for work!
  • I don't want to share internet with him. The problem is his and many other vista/win7 computers can't connect to the network I've created using the airport extreme card in the macbook pro. They can see the network, but when trying to connect it cons…
  • Again the CD/DVD does not read cd/dvd's So Im bringing to to my local applestore. My only question is, is there a way to install leopard from a flashdrive/externalHD
  • Bump!!!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by rob05au Your graphics card seems fine as the desktop and icons are totally clear and normal looking. Which app/s where you using at the time something here will be the cause? Umm Safari, iTunes, iChat..... It doe…
  • What do you mean by: Match up the security? Just switch between WPA/WPA2/WEP untill it works out?
    in Dhcp Comment by mattc908 September 2007
  • I did get the suggested router, but it ended up being much slower than this one when all comps were on the network, each hogging quite a bit of the DL/UL bandwith. I had it set on WPA, than switched to WEP both cause the problem. No the modem from e…
    in Dhcp Comment by mattc908 September 2007
  • Okay sorry about the lame detail its a SRX400 Linksys (WRT54GX4), with an Embarq DSL (they ate sprint in our town) Its not an error, its just every 1-2hours itll pop me off the network from anywere 5sec-5mins, another person said that it was because…
    in Dhcp Comment by mattc908 September 2007
  • Update: Forgot to tell you guys something its a Linksys router new, that uses wireless G. It does it now every 5 minutes, its been getting worse only use to do it every 30minutes a couple mont…
  • Where would I find linksys firmware?
  • If its grinding might be your hard drive or disc drive, but if its comming from the speakers it could be your mother board (i think the ibook has the soundcard built onto the motherboard)
  • Anyone?
  • Nope Neither helped, I just burned it to a disk and brang it to my other computer with Alcohol 120% and burned it.
    in .mdf/.mds Comment by mattc908 March 2007
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Slewis Today Software Update (In the little Blue Apple Logo in the Corner) Sebastian haha, i know how to update, I wasnt sure if it was an optional one, or if it does come in the Software Update.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Slewis You know what, Apple just released a Software Update, I can only ASSUME it fixes their Turdfix from before. Good Timing too. I'll see if anyones having problems with it though. Sebastian Well thats goo…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Slewis Did this happen to start after a certain Apple Screwware.. *cough* I'm sorry, bad cough, anyways after a certain Apple Software Update? Specifically, do you use the WEP? If you installed that screwy Airpor…
  • There gonna need refreshing to keep up with competition, dont get me wrong Apple holds the majority of the MP3 player share, and is still a nice peice of technology, and most people that dont have an iPod are ones that hate Apple, but slowly I know …
  • Thanks Bevos I think i'll be picking a copy of Wannabe OSX soon to give it a try. Thanks for all the help guys.
  • Anyone know if there is a wa to get rid of vista and XP once installed through bootcamp without hurting the mac side?