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  • Quote: Originally Posted by vr12gti11 By far the best scenario on the thread(concerning the newspaper guy). I didn't buy my imac to do safari and ilife. I'm a pro tools user who needs to trust specs to facilitate my job/passion. Fortunately I …
  • Steorn is just an anagram for Sterno.
  • Especially the Lounge in the forums section. aka the Comics Curmudgeon.
  • Eek. I haven't been around for ages and I check back and see this. RIP LoCash. DB
    in LoCash Comment by thoth2 June 2005
  • I like it anyway it comes. Bush does impede the oral sports, however. I engage in manscape as well (but not as complete as some, it seems). Thoth
    in Bush Comment by thoth2 July 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mac+ ROTFLMAO - I think I just ruptured my spleen reading that ... BR's first line: "I'll get the tar." - priceless! Having just recovered from reading that thread, I'll note that I enjoyed it much more than app…
  • Especially since she goes on all the talk shows on Sundays... Thoth
  • I'm enjoying this thoughtful discussion. I have nothing to add really, just wanted to send kudos to everyone for this (not that you need my approval). Thoth
  • Quote: Originally posted by Powerdoc The experts in legal medecine published their conclusion today. Pantani died of an excessive amount of Cocaine. - snip- An ex-french professional cyclist explained some days ago, how he suceed to take …
  • Quote: Originally posted by audiopollution I'm not Thoth2. I'm still playing around with the semantics of 'equal opportunity'. No, you're not, and even if you were he'd be wrong with what I am attempting to talk about. I was talking about…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh That is exactly what they are trying to do. Kerry = more money taken from the top earners...ouch. I guess I don't understand your point about more taxation = bringing people down. Is it more fair to gi…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh But see, you should not be levelling the field by BRINGING PEOPLE DOWN TO BRING OTHERS UP. I don't think that's what Dems are trying to do - if you refer to the tax system in particular, a flat tax has …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh No, the point is to keep compounding upon their successes. You make the most of your given situation, with what is presented to you. The playing field is not always level, but that is what we need to st…
  • -deleted- must read entire post before replying
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh Why do you ask? As for the thought behind the comment...The Government has no business in redistributing our wealth, it is just wrong. Get that through your head, equalized opportunity is different than …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh Jesus Christ man! Are you a student at Penn State? Thoth
  • Quote: Originally posted by Scott Did yo bother to read the article? Uh, yeah, but the position taken by the original poster in the portion of the thread to which I was responding seemed to state a much broader proposition - that being a memb…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BR So you are saying it is unethical to proclaim yourself Pro-Life or Pro-Choice if you are on the supreme court? Me? No, I don't think it is unethical unless the judge also indicates that s/he would vote a certai…
  • Quote: Originally posted by trumptman [I] Seems the code of conduct would disagree with you. There is a big difference between trying to be impartial and ending up human (we all have some biases) and outright advocacy of a position. Nick …