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  • [quote]OS X doesn't have the software basestation feature yet, so you have to be in OS 9. That explained all my trouble right there. Thanks Eugene.
  • The PowerBook is a lombard (no FireWire), but I'm having trouble figuring out how to set up the PowerMac as my Base Station. Thank's for the help though. AirPort Admin Util is vague. I'm going to keep playing for a while. If anyone can give up an…
  • methinks you assume too much. And everybody know's what happens when you make an assumption. You make an ass out of you, and umption. Here is a better way to describe what I need. If I re-install Photoshop 7 with my SN can I save my plugins fold…
  • Will resorcerer work? Elaborate please. I don't want to reinstall all the plugins, and stuff again. [ 06-03-2002: Message edited by: Cat ]
  • Tried it. Not working. Keeps saying invalid SN.
  • I basicly need to re-enter/update all my info. How do I start fresh?
  • Thanks for the help Airsluf, but getting it to the top level of the C: directory is where I'm confused. [ 04-08-2002: Message edited by: Cat ]
  • I'd like to see an Apple Phone PDA thing that has TriBand (3G) Technology built in. All of Europe has embraced one version or another of TriBand, and I think SJ will take a iPhone (sucky name sorry) demo it with iCal, iSync. It would be nice if he…
  • Yevgeny , what do you mean wait for a PC to have FireWire 2 first???? FireWire is Apple's baby. PC's don't even have firewire mobo's as an industry standard yet, let alone start using FireWire 2 - Which I might add will probably debut on a Macintosh…
  • I liked the machine until I read in here, and thought about what your saying. Now I'm totally p*ssed off. You are all right. There will not any new UMA for a long time. We wont see a G5, or anything impressive hardware wise out of Apple in our life …
  • It's all a little too nicely wraped up, and pretty for me. I'm not going to bite. I've seen Mac fanatics go ape, and even become hostile before when their predicted imaginary products don't show up. Then they have the balls to blame everybody acce…
  • [quote]Originally posted by JCG: If Apple does not give the iMac and eMac a speed boost before the Christmass buying season, then they will loose out on a lot of sales. They both need a speed boost for to have a good chance at the Switch campaign, …
  • [quote]Originally posted by MicrosoftOsXp: Oh ya, i hope we never see a digital camera, or video camera from apple, it would be a total waste of R&D there are already awesome cameras from nikon, and great digicams from sony/panasanic. And i do…