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  • Which university are you at? what are the prices for each model?
  • I'm very happy with my 19" Lacie Electron Blue 3. As far as CRT's go it has to be one of the best ones avaliable. I've been using it for 8 months and love it. Well worth the money. Hope that helps. Superd
  • I clearly remember the quicksilver powermacs updates to 1ghz DP. Were posted after 10am PST. I know because I checked before I went to work @9:30pst. and then checked at 10:30pst and they were "updating" this was 2 years ago though... might be a lit…
  • Not to sure if everyone has missed this but if Apple could remake/refine/redo, this Archo's Homepage. What do you think? Does Apple have one of these in their pipeline?
  • A while back there was a tread about the integration of cellphones and what they currently can and can't do. I believe it was over in general discussion. There are a few cell phones that play MP3's the Samsung Uproar is one. I'm not too sure if t…
  • Well having used all the different networks avaliable and tonnes of different phones I'd tend to think that apple isn't going to produce a phone for a variety of reasons. Both already mentioned 1: Lack of standards which ship do you jump on? GSM?…
  • Though I'm no hardware expert by anymeans, but, I can read (Press releases)... to paraphrase Moki These aren't the boards you are looking for... Marvell as far as I know is in the business of building hardware for routers and high end telecom…
  • Moki, I'm very curious are you implying that things will be relatively the same for the next year "see you next year". OR can we look forward to some great performance jumps in the next revision of the powermac? With IBM possibly taking the reign…
  • As a diver of many years I can attest that this photo of lucinda does indeed look somewhat similar to a Suunto computer, but it appears to be a fair bit larger than their computers are, this is based soley on the proportion of hand to "device". I do…