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  • I would personally choose the MacBook and monitor option if presented with these two options. I am a student and the flexibility of having a laptop to move around with is more appealing to me. Right now I have all my wires/peripherals (keyboard,…
  • I am ready to purchase a Mac mini (college budget), so if they come out with an upgrade at around the same price I would feel like I am getting more bang for the buck. Nothing sucks more than buying a computer just before it gets updated, or else I …
  • Thanks for the tips. I didn't even know it was possible to download YouTube videos and have never used the Activity window before. It can be annoying sometimes when I want to show a friend some video clip I saw on YouTube but do not have an internet…
  • Ireland, I hope you're right because that would be almost too good to be true!
  • the first reason that stands out to me is because Microsoft Windows can be put on any computer out there, whereas the Mac OS X can only legally be put on computers that Apple makes themselves which have a "reputation" for being much more expensive c…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by opnsource RNP, are you a fan of FMR Audio? Only asking, becuase they have a audio pre-amp named "RNP". Ian is correct in that those are my initials. I'm not much of an audiophile to tell you the truth.
  • There are ways to get Hotmail compatible with Mail, but I don't think it is compatible directly, like you may need to download a plug-in for it as is suggested in the link below: http://forums.macnn.com/90/mac-os-x/...-mac-mail-app/ There are ce…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Ireland If Apple chooses that date for that reason, I'll personally kill them. ...and we'll hold you back while you try! If it comes out April 28th then I would be happy because as of right now I am only expect…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by xflare Id just be happy to see a new mini. i agree
  • That is some solid insight there Leia1912. I would vote option 2 and wait for an upgrade with Leopard on it already and better parts. Just gradually save up some money between now and then as I think it may be worth it. You would think they …