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  • yeah, I heard that the Pentacostal people in the states do that... is that true? we are nothing of the sort...
  • I speak in tounges. I belong to the PAOC. Pentacostal Assemblies of Canada. I do not believe that is it defines anyone or any belief. Just a way to express yourself to God.
  • wow, look at the angst among you guys... I love Linkin Park. I have never been to their concerts and most likely never will. You can listen to a whole album in one sitting. I am not a fan of bands that have one or two hit singles and the rest o…
  • The absolute best mousing surface is the Ratpadz GS. Hands down. And I have looked. Way better. Never had a problem.
  • The RAM I purchused was AZEN. I have not done any memory testing... but it works fine.
  • I have a 1.6 G5 w/ an additional 1 GB RAM that I installed. I went to the store and asked for 2 sticks of PC2700. He handed over 2 seperate bags. I drove home and instaleld them. No complications. No need to purchase dual channel RAM. It woul…
  • Wrong Robust: Quote: What else was it? As mentioned earlier the whole iraqi freedom thing came at the last minute, but the fuel was definitely WMDs. The Us was in the longest recession post-war. People did not know if they would go to war or …
  • If they did change, there would be a shortage of display adapters...
  • I recieved a score of 32.4 everything to the max, 1280x1024 on the asbestos bot match benchmark. and I have a 1.6 G5 with 1.25 GB RAM and the stock 5200... and my prosessor speed was set to highest.
  • I don't think that the whole case for the war was WMD, and Ithink that the US has on certain levels "won". Mind you they spent quite a bit of money to get there. Just my view....
  • I use an iSight, and it is like a wet dream, but other applications do not recognize it... iMovie? You can use quicktime broadcaster, but it is not near the same. I hope Apple decides to change that. So if you just want a camera for iChat - iSig…
  • personally I would love to see millions of dollars pour into open source. especially open office... apple does not have the market share to compete against M$. Linux will one day though!
  • makes sense, -thanks
  • well, by the time doom 3 is released your vid card will not be that good anymore and half life 2 I believe is not coming to the mac, wish it did. raven shield is not out yet, you can wait for the G5, those games an't out yet.. another factor is…