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  • 130 bucks for Jag, and 100 for .mac? Whats next, 100 a year to use OSX? Alright this is no fun at all. [ 07-17-2002: Message edited by: Convert ]
  • After two days with my new toy Hope this works....
  • I travel about 90% of the year with work, and have no problems at all. The only thing you might need are some power adapters. You don't need converters, cause the adapter that came with your laptop works with 100-240v AC and 50 or 60Hz. What you …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Mount_my_floppy: One easy way is to copy the password field from a user that you use quite a bit so you know the password of course. Copy this into the password field of the root user. It will show up as just a bunch of …
  • O.K. I opened netinfo manager, and I see the root account but I'm not sure how to "enable" it. Again, sorry for newbie questions, and thanks for the help! edit... Never mind I found it. Thanks!! [ 05-30-2002: Message edited by: Conver…
  • [quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack: Out of curiosity, why does one want to run linux on a PS2? Just for sh*ts and giggles. In other words for fun.
  • PS2, but only cause I don't really care for nintendo games(was on the sega side in the eighties). Plus there is a cool thing called linux for PS2 coming soon.
  • Wow, this is actually a very interesting thread! Great examples of people freely voicing their opinions... Here?s something to think about. Believe it or not, our corrupt government filled with evil white men out to get you, and kill your babie…
  • Name: Lee Age: 26 Race/Sex: White Male Height/Weight: 5'8 190 Hair/Eyes: brwn/brwn Religion: agnostic Sexuality: straight Relationships: not for some time Kids: 0 Handicap: I drink on the course Drug use: only what you can grow Veggies: a…
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  • [quote]Originally posted by warpd: He is working on a fix for 10.2. He sent me a beta, and it works perfectly, and gives tons more options!!!! Cool! , Please let us know when its available... I got used to a clear dock, now it loo…
  • [quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: Use
  • Thanks starfleet The link to Pacifict doesn't work for me. And I couldn't find it on version tracker. Is it available somewhere else? Thanks! doh.. nevermind found it as Pacifist. [ 06-11-2002: Message edited by: Convert…
  • Anyone have the orignal login screens available? Including the 'login.nib' I kinda accidendtly erased mine The one have now is ok, but I'd like to be able to go back.
  • Can't use color corrections in the display calibrator! I just installed 10.1.5 and now when using the display calibrator, it skips the setup, native gamma, and tristimuli values step. Was this done on purpose?
  • Maybe a silly question but, Ming, are you from New Jersey?
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  • Thanks for the links and the warm welcome. Looks like I'll be frequenting this site for sure!
  • [quote]Originally posted by FellowshipChurch iBook: What does one have to do to use the internet connection within OSX via air port wireless connection within the connectix virtual PC Windows XP home edition. For example if I wanted to use IE with…
  • Just curious but, anyone know of an alternative to the apple DVD app?
  • There is an interesting Q&A with Carmack here:
  • This is a basic DVD player that supports 5.1 and plays VCD's also. It has worked well for me...