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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Trevowski does the mighty mouse use the optical eye as a switch? I have a crazy design on my mouse pad, and in certain areas of the design where it gets very detailed, the mouse makes a very rapid clicking noise. T…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Jixer197 App Zapper Definitely the way to go i love it.......works great! I think that I have heard of it. "The Uninstaller that Apple forgot"! HAHA! I love it!
  • Use the Secure Empty Trash option. It will take a long time, but you won't have to worry about the application coming up again in any form.
  • I had the same thing when I had put Vista on my MBP at one time. The headphone jack showed red, but never when I was running OS X.
  • What I would do is look for any processes that might be running. Go ahead and check that and see if there are any odd processes running. If you find a process that seems like it doesn't belong in the list, go ahead and close that process. Get back t…
  • Laptop RAM is going to be the same between PC and Mac, but take into consideration that fact that different generations of computers will have different RAM types, but that isn't always 100% the case. New RAM will do you just fine.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by smax Macbooks don't have an expresscard slot. Macbook Pros do. I stand corrected and thank you for clearing my mistake. With that in mind I guess you will just have to find a USB or FireWire adapter. I am sure that…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Karelia A PCI card, like from a tower? Or a PCMCIA card from a laptop card slot? The Macbook uses the Expresscard slot and not the PCMCIA card slot. If you have a PCMCIA card that you need to use in an Expresscard m…
  • I have tried that but all I get is my pictures folder and other folders named pictures and stuff of which I have searched and haven't found anything that would be screenshots. Sorry to be a pain.
  • Here's the thing about the macbook pro. I own one myself and it's one of the 2.33 models and 15.4 in. I have been nothing but happy with it and I hope that you will be also when you buy the machine. It is expensive, but I needed all of it's powe…
  • I had a similar problem with my 1 gig flash drive. I could transfer all files and erase all files, but I would have to reboot in Windows or use a PC to get rid of the files truly. The thing was that it had this .trash folder that would keep all of t…
  • Well, you know, that's why I try to stick to my OS X as much as I can, but sometime, for games mainly, I go back to Windows, which does have its issues, but it has enough advantages to make up for it.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Karelia Guitar Hero 3 for Mac/PC states on the box that "Intel integrated video chipsets are not supported". Unfortunately, your daughter is out of luck. Like I was saying, you'll want to check into trading that Mac…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by woofer My college attending daughter has a Macbook, 2.16ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB Ram, 667 Mhz. She just purchased Guitar Hero 3 from the Apple store and it seems to be having some "lagging"/timing problems running at…
  • Did anyone see the Gold Plated Mac Book Pro from the Digg article? Nice. Very nice.