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  • maybe someone wanted to boost attendance at the wwdc?
  • Quote: Originally posted by JonE So to confirm from those in an absolutely silent room, the rev B iMacs still have the low volume "buzzing" or "humming" sound that vaguely resembles a dentist drill or model airplane? And I certainly hope they …
  • So far no noise. It is silent and I turned processor performance to highest.
  • My 20" iMac arrived today fedex. It rocks, of course. I am now going to do some performance tests with software I like to use to see how much faster than my powerbook it is...who needs a 2nd monitor? This 20" is so spacious.
  • I ordered mine (20") from the apple store last night and had it shipped fedex next day. status is preparing shipment. I didn't do macmall because I get a discount for comcast employees. I don't see any back order problems on the site so I expect it …
  • Maybe it is a local problem with Comcast, my provider.
  • I'm a lot paranoid about this. All new downloads and rips using iPod/iTunes are AAC? Do you still have a choice to rip with MP3? And will home studio and recording musicians only be able to load their own stuff on to 3 authorized computers if they u…
    in iTunes 4 Comment by geraldo April 2003
  • Well I bought my 800mhz Tibook in May, and though the heat ducting obscures most of the board what I can make out is very similar to the photo. The memory controller is in the same place as the photo along with the other components. I don't see a 2n…