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  • Thanks Overhope. In the end I ordered something called an Edirol UA1A USB Audio capture thingy which has two lines in and out so should give better sound quality than the iMic...but your post indicates that my only hope of getting RM stuff out o…
  • Thanks mate,quick reply much appreciated. I could not find a "line in" on my FP iMac otherwise wld've been much easier. Will this line in also enable me to plug my Minidisc player into the Mac? Can I try you with another question...is ther…
  • Hey did you see the answer to my "naughty chooser" post....actually selecting the usb port as well as the printer icon solved it for me... hope it'll help you.
    in Lazy chooser Comment by lzh July 2002
  • Rod, thanks. Seems to have worked itself out now...amazingly. I just needed to be able to print from word as only have Office Mac 98...can't afford to upgrade to Office X right now and there are somethings I just can't be dealing with in App…
    in Naughty Chooser Comment by lzh July 2002
  • Thanks - that worked...kind of! It does now print but wierdly...it seems to think that the paper size and font size are much larger than they really are. For example "hello" typed as the only word on a blank page at the start of the document e.g. as…
    in Naughty Chooser Comment by lzh July 2002
  • Thanks Rod. I will try this at home tonight. Liz H
    in Naughty Chooser Comment by lzh July 2002
  • ...well that was no use whatsoever. I am still stuck where when I open the chooser and select my printer I get told that the port I want to use in unavailable as it's already being used by another application or that apple talk is active. I've t…
  • after breif scout of apple suppport site figure I need to check out the apple talk control panel to select port....totally forgot about that. Doh. Off home - 5.30pm uk time - now so will look at it tonite and report back. thanks for the suggesti…
  • Thanks all. I read up about burning CD's - it's the session issue, I'm gonna get myself Toast from Macline today. I couldn't afford a sony camcorder with DV in and out in the end. Picked up a JVC one for £549 (that's lots more in dollars, th…