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  • Hmm weird, the cascading buttons are back and I can conference again, and again, i didnt touch any settings. Wonder why this happened.
  • I have a 17 inch fully loaded new macbook pro... so it should work and used to work i dont know how to get it back...
  • anyone know?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by KingOfSomewhereHot The "cascading" buttons meant that their version of iChat and/or their CPU were capable of doing MULTIPLE video chats rather than being limited to one-on-one. Mine still shows some folks with the "…
  • I was having the same problem but I just kept turnign it on and off and holding c when i booted with the install disk in, and one of hte times i got lucky and it let me boot and i archived and installed it.
  • Theres still a ton of sites and videos that dont load on macs anyway so that sucks
  • How do i run a hardware tesT?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Chucker Do you have any unusual kernel extensions installed? Are you running MenuTemperature, CoreDuoTemp, Temperature Monitor or similar? Just a few widgets.. and yahoo widget engine
  • Problem solved. Thanks.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by lundy Type cd / and then ls -la to see if the file directory seems to be there. Be patient, this might take a while to resolve. Where do I type this? Its not lettng me type anything
  • OK, so far ive tried booting using command-s for single user mode. When i do this, it gives me a black screen with a bunch of white text on it, the last line being "Extension "com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyEventDriver" has no kernel dependency. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Shadow Slayer 26 The title pretty much said it all. I need to reformat an old Bondi Blue iMac G4. While this may seem simple at first there is one problem. I don't have the disks that came with it. Is there anyway …
  • Great thanks, i got my priveleges back. One problem though and it might not be fixable but, all my files that were saved to my desktop and all my icons are gone. Anything i can do? Logan
  • Sorry, Im not very mac literate, how do I get to a place where I can enter those commands. thanks
  • When I do that, under Ownership and Permissions it is greyed out and says "You have: No access" Im stumped so far
  • This is what i get in the system profiler, though i am supposed to be able to burn discs said the company when i got it put in: MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-835S: ManufacturertMATSHITA ModeltMATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-835S RevisiontG100 Serial Numb…
  • I just wanna know if I can watch live tv and not even record with it, though i would record sometimes.
  • Will EyeTv 200 just let me watch cable TV live on my computer without having to record?
  • Somone told me there is a way to use apple online support to scan your computer and tell you the specs...dunno how true that is anyone know? or know any way to download apple system profiler for os x?
  • this is the titanium (old) 15 inch pb, anyone have that can tell me what to do?