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  • i thought it was DRM at first but i've encountered files online that vlc won't play, something about wmv3 or something, there's still some basic wmp9 codecs that won't play on the mac. kind of rediculous if you ask me considering all quicktime code…
  • since apple has said tiger will be the last uprgrade for a few years i'm wondering if they'll do like a "10.4.5" that will be equivilant to what os 10.1 was to 10.0, perhaps maybe a free upgrade or a smaller like 30 dollar upgrade.
  • i think one thing that would be really cool to see in iChat AV would be the ability for one if it would tell me via icon when someone is logged onto aim via a mobile phone, and if that's the case you could "call" that phone from iChat AV.
  • well i can see legacy stuff, but the new adobe stuff runs souley on os x so its not like they have os 9 junk to worry about.
  • with all these big changes which seem to be going on (they are working just as hard if not more than they were on panther last year!) i'm wondering when the next dev seed will get out, also, the topics of core image and core video have been pretty s…
  • isnt it also safe to assume however, that core image could easily make its way into iPhoto as well?
    in iMovie 5? Comment by millhouse July 2004
  • i think one of the things that made the iTunes and iPod thing happen, was a month or so after the iPod came out was programmers wrote apps so you could use it on windows. i havent seen the iSight have the same popularity, plus iChat as great as it …
  • everytime i try to update my library with this thing it just hangs, im on a g4 450 with 448mb ram, now i know its not a speedy machien but still, i have 900 photos on my library and after half an hour it was still hung, and at that point moving wind…
  • hey, im on a similar set up, blue and white 450 with 448mb ram, 40gb hard drive, stock vid card...etc. os x does support zif upgrades, i know because well i am using one as we speak in this machine. (g4 450 upgrade from owc) if you wanna crank o…
  • actually i ended up doing an archive and install, then downloading the update again and just closing everything whilist it ran and things are normal again thank heavens.
  • well i went to put in a request and itll cost me 30 bucks, im sorry but this is just becoming rediculous, my five year old powermac g3 is proving to be more reliable than my less than one year old iPod, this will be the second time i've had to have …
  • yea i might as well, ill have to trek over to apple support and file my claim or whatever soon. (perhaps ill wait it out and see, i still got a month left on my warrenty)
  • i've run repair on it several times and restored twice. whenever i connect it to my mac the drive makes a louder than normal buzzing noise. aside from that the random, resets are quite annoying, nothing sucks like listening to a song and then when…
  • i am old enough to work, im a senior, age 18 and as is my friend, his company does quite a bit of work, as far as kids with companie's go he is quite well known for quality work, but i guess ill have to go with the hourly rate thing since that see…
  • so if its by steve's will that these batterys only last 18 months, does he "bless them" before each one leaves thinking that one day he will give us mere mortals batteries that last longer, but only when he feels like it. he must also be the one th…
  • yea iPhoto 4 and iMovie 4 are definately faster, i never thought id see the day when i could resize their windows decently lol. however im not some theif and even though i downloaded both yesterday i also placed my order for iLife, its well worth t…
  • yea since their your photos not much could be done to hamper this down, also i like the suggestion of the same thing going on with address book, being able to go into another family members perhaps to grab your relatives email's or phones and such, …
  • you need a quartz extreme capeable graphics card installed, so an AGP graphics geforce or radeon, at least 2x agp or if you have a tower with pci graphics then you need a radeon in there with the pci hack enabled to push QE onto the pci bus
  • well if it can drop frames on that old iMac then obviously there is something that controls how many frames it does, i wonder if its possible to find that file and drop the frames for quicker performance for those without QE
  • thanks man, if i buy itll be at the end of this week, so you might get that email, and hopefully soon i'll be livin in QE heaven!