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  • Lexmark is known for having the highest cost per page in the industry, I would advise another brand if you are going to be printing often.
  • The day after thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year for stores that have a blitz. (the usual 6am to 11 am) specials. When I worked at Wal-Mart an average busy Christmas weekend would be 200 thousand dollars. On Black Friday our…
  • It doesn't need a new design, just some fricken color. The Current all white models are too sterile imo.
  • Considering the ibooks have recently been udgraded I would choose an ibook over the 12 inch powerbook. They are a much better value right now than the powerbook. While the prices will be standard everwhere many internet/catalog retailers such …
  • There are SCSI to USB adabters which you can buy from speciality computer stores. Do a search in Yahoo shopping they seem to run around 50 dollars. Although I feel you may have problems with Drivers for the devices and you may need to just start ov…
  • Macwarehouse canada is selling it for $1799 (Cad), they have been around for awhile and I've always been happy with their customer service. http://www.microwarehouse.ca/product.asp?sku=CPU1822
  • [quote] actually, as a side note, through our school Luca, the 512MB chip for the 12" PB is only $137. Actually, the maximum increase in memory for the 12 inch is 340mb. and the cost is $143
  • I have the same router, there should be a webadress(in numerals) that you go to to configure all that. We didn't do much because we live in the sticks and aren't too worried about security.
  • dschango have you bought the new iMac Yet? If not MacWarehouse includes an extra 512mbs or Ram for an instaltion fee of $39.95.
  • I was wondering if Mac Voyer, or anyone else, has any actual sales numbers to reinforce this wild speculation. It seems some of our Puritan up bringing is showing its face in this thread. [ 02-10-2003: Message edited by: jayny ]
  • rok wrote [quote]if i were looking to buy the "bargain basement" apple consumer desktop, yesterday i would have spent CAN$1849. today, i spend CAN$1999. admittedly, that ain't much, especially in US dollars, but considering... Perhaps Apple …
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  • The way I look at it, is you get a slightly better machine for 200 dollars less. I don't know why people are so upset about this; one update doesn't nullify all future product updates (just look at the powermac line). I feel this is a good updat…
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  • They still do sell a low end tower for the education market, both for consumers and institutions, its around 1200 (USD). I'm not sure why they wouldn't offer this configuration for anyone. Perhaps they don't make enough money on a low end tower.