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  • It's a battery people.... Tell me, how many of you with cars over 5 years old have the orginal battery? The simple fact is they don't last forever. Anyone who thought that the iPod battery would last forever is an idiot. 18 months sounds a lit…
  • Try emailing them. It's not the first thing to assume that Apple gave them a Cease and Desist immediately. BEN
  • This shoudl be made into a pole, whose doing wholesome stuff and whoese getting drunk. BEER! BEN
  • it's the enviroment tag but honnestly I don't know how to get it to use the second monitor. Local is 0:0 so the second one might be 0:1 ?? It doesn't hurt anything to around with it too much as long as you set it back to 0:0 when your done. …
  • I think it's average to only get about 70 or 80% performance out of these things because of all the overhead they have in moving information between the 2000+ processors. BEN
  • I'm sick of everybody being so up in piracy. If he wants to do it then just answer the question about the CD size and leave him alone. So many people love apple and they price their software in a reasonable manner so I must assume that VERY few pe…
  • Might there be a problem with one of these songs (aka corrupt file). Currently I'm sharing 10k+ songs with no problems. BEN
  • Do you have a firewall on? That might be your problem as well. In addition to that your dial-up might block people from going to port 80 as well. Check out those options next. BEN
  • 8 GB of RAM, 8GB. Oh god, 16. Right now I would have no need for a hard disk at all to run all my programs, of course I would need one for storage. BEN
  • One way I always like to think about the prices of expensive computers compared to speed is if it's going to make you money. If he can't afford a dual to get his work done faster then he does need it. An example would be if he makes 400 an hour d…
  • They basically have to make it 70 bucks. I'm sorry, but ALL college networks have means for downloading this software. If it wasn't 70 dollars, I hate to say it, but I don't think I could really afford it (somehow I like to pay for food more than …
  • Powermac Auction I know somebody said that your computer wasn't worth that much anymore, I agreed with them in my head. I was shocked when I saw this auction. BEN
  • Quote: Originally posted by Giaguara vB does not screw you after you get 10 K. I have seen some past 10 thousand posts IN vB boards, having the right score, or at least the memberlist.php?s=&what=topposters page shows them up correctly in the…
  • Quote: Originally posted by bauman Erm, logging in as root? I think it's a bit safer to do "sudo chown yourusername /.hidden" and then edit it in BBEdit with the Open Hidden... command. After you're done, just "chown system /.hidden" Saves y…
  • jginsbu was correct, all you need to do is add 'sw' to the .hidden file (by logging into root) and it'll disappear. I just tried it and it works like a charm, good idea. BEN
  • Edit: I'm retracting what I said because I saw the third item that you posted wasn't from them. Maybe I'm wrong. BEN
  • Honnestly, if you can't afford the housing a particular area, then you shoudl move to a different place. You might say that your job is keeping you there, but if you are not making enough money to support the place that you are living then a change…
  • I'm nearly posative it's just a standard that was developed a long time ago in 10 based hubs (rack mount of course). It's just seemed to carry on the current servers of today. BEN PS, somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Well, I think one of the few people you ask this question to correctly is Steve himself, not many other people have played with these puppies. BEN
  • This happened with the 3d iPod too. They only had 3d renderings but it appeared in stores the next day. Who knows why tho. However, I did see it during the keynote (live in Boston), so I know it's real. BEN