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  • Awesome, thanks for the advice, i figured if it didn't work it would speed up the upgrade like you said. Can't wait to get it now. Quote: Originally posted by i-am-an-elf i have a ipod nano. I have 2 computers, the older one is the original …
  • Not really, i thought they'd be too expensive, was hoping i could get one cheaper elsewhere! Quote: Originally posted by MacCrazy Have you tried Apple?
  • Cheers for the suggestions Jake. I tried a laser clean a few weeks back but it didn't work. My housemate runs an iMac so there is always that possibility, we recon that between us we can work out how to replace a hard drive (he's quite clued up with…
  • Cheers, i'll give it a shot.
  • Well i'm man enough to admit when i was wrong. I guess Apple do want to have everything from the cheapest iBook to the most expensive powerbook at G4. They're being sneaky little monkeys this year....the iPod update took me by suprise too...
  • Sorry, hadn't read the article. I'm sure there are loads of students out there who would benefit greatly from lower priced portable Apples with a G4 under the hood (for those who couldn't afford an albook). I just find it hard to believe that Apple …
  • Uk, Germany, France, Finland, Italy etc. Seems a strange time to be taking the store down..\
  • Cheers guys, i'm craftily minimising my windows as work colleagues walk past me. They dont' seem to realise what an important day this is
  • I don't know about you guys but it's great to not have to wait all day until late afternoon until America announces updates, they're on our turf now ! Do you know of anywhere that is doing an auto-update news site as was provided for the special mus…
  • Yep, the files have normal short names, it reads CDs and DVDs fine and it's straight from the hard drive.
  • Hey thanks guys, i figured it must come with Jaguar, and to be safe i'm ordering it tomorrow on the release date to make sure. I'd read the reports about it arriving on disk with some people's new hardware, i just didn't want to be landed with an up…
  • I agree totally. I love the CD players where you wave your hand in front of it and the drawer automatically pops out. There's no reason why towers can't have that, after all even hand dryers in restrooms have motion sensors! Such a feature w…