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  • I used to live in Japan but unfortunately don't recall seeing too many places with wi-fi access (although I wasn't really looking too hard). However, internet cafes are common so you can use those if you wish. If you are gonna be in Japan for a lo…
  • Quote: Originally posted by TWinbrook46636 Can anyone here who reads Japanese confirm the address? TWinbrook46636 I speak Japanese and will confirm the address. Apple Computer Corporation Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku West Shinjuku 3-20-2 T…
  • Quote: Originally posted by torifile I have no idea what features this phone has, but a quick look has me interested: link. Stupid american cell phone companies. We've got a choice of like 3 good phones over here. This is Docomo's newest pho…
  • God I feel your pain on this one. I use to live in Japan and my phone I had there was wonderful. Moving back to the US and buying a phone was a extremely painful experience (basically because my $250 piece of junk sprint phone would have sold for a…
  • [quote]Originally posted by SQUÅSH: Glad to see americas youth go to college to buy pc's and play games American students (I am one of them) do not call college "uni" that is a British/Aussie/New Zealand thing.
  • Thanks but I am really looking for this particular sleeve. I believe the company name started with a "M" but I am not sure. Someone posted a link on a thread a month or two ago on these boards.
  • Today at FYE I saw that sony is now selling NetMD in the USA. This might be a solution if you want to use it with Virtual PC(I am not sure if there is mac support).
  • Just a word of caution on the NetMD. It is not like burning a cd where you can burn the same song on 10 different cds. The NetMD software acts like a library meaning that you can only copy 1 song to 2 different mds. You literally "check-out" the s…
  • Just remembered...I did see some software for windows that allows you to directly transfer mp3's to non-netMD players. However, unfortunatly I forgot the name and I am positive they do not have an English version (mainly because MD never caught in …
  • Are you talking about NetMD or just regular MD? There is no software for os X that I know of that will let you digitally copy mp3's to MD. However, you can always copy music using an analog connection, however you will have to record in real time …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Matsu: This is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I always call and chew out everyone I can find. I've had legal documents and confidential docs left outside my door at home and at work. Unacceptable, totally friggin unacce…
  • That was some of the funnies stuff I have ever seen. I think apple is really starting to get the image of being cool. Just think when non-mac users walk into an apple store for the first time. most are like, "damn this is neat." Just give it a lit…
  • [quote]Originally posted by BuonRotto: Betamax? Minidisc? Memory Stick? All this proprietary stuff that appeals to only a limited audience. Who's going to bother? Sony will never learn. Dont be to quick to criticize the minidisc format. It i…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Fobie: There's a FAQ for having sex with cars (the tailpipe is involved) and sites devoted to car porn. :eek: Some people have very creative imaginations...I'm speechless :eek:
  • The Apple switch ads are like Survivor in respect that it makes a psuedo celebrity out of the average Joe. I would love to star in a switch ad!
  • Leo LaPort is a pretty big mac supporter (he uses an ibook for his computer on his show!).
  • Just ordered mine today!!! got the 1ghz model with superdrive. I have some pumped and cannot wait to get it!!!
  • wow this is so cool! Check out apple's price back in the day. 4k for a top of the line powerbook a few years back!!!!
  • [quote]Originally posted by crawlingparanoia: My girlfriend is hotter than all of them. [ 11-05-2002: Message edited by: crawlingparanoia ] As is mine