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  • Hattig, you are assuming 3rd party apps and a stress-free phone are mutually exclusive, which I don't believe is the case. As for viewers for documents on the phone, maybe that's where QuickView comes in.
  • Thanks very much! Time to put my order in.
  • Does this video play funny on an iPod? Either way, I don't have a 5G iPod and even if I did, I'd do most of my TV show watching on the computer, so that isn't a very good excuse (note: I'm not attacking you). Man, I wish I had connection so I cou…
  • Why is the Daily Show encoded incorrectly? I see no mention of this anywhere, but if you like at TDS and The Colbert Report, they are both stretched out and their heads look too wide. I've blogged about this because I've seen no one mention it and I…
  • You are currently using 1171 MB (52%) of your 2243 MB. I did fill it up completely when it reached 2151, but I have since deleted stuff. I would be using less space if Gmail actually deleted your trash after 30 days like they claim. I'm not going…
  • Senior year of HS and through the summer. I got in shape. Road my bicycle to school instead of driving (and now I almost never drive, thank Jah). Almost a year ago to the day I had my first kiss (well, besides a blue man). Had a girlfriend and becam…
  • I love the series. I was trying to watch the DVDs slowly (to prolong pleasure and joygasm) with my family, but when I brought them to school, I gave in and watched them all in like two weeks (it was my first time watching the unaired episodes). It t…
  • 2004 Trek 1500 Andrew
  • Haha, small world. Where were you in line? I was around the corner and near the door when it opened, I think.
  • Yeah, really, Ballmer is always wearing that same blue shirt... pit stained every time, I'm sure Anyway, it is Friday now, so another picture (which the guy second from the right told me to post (I'm on the far right)).
  • Send invites to [email protected] and they'll be automatically handed out to people that request them: Andrew
  • Well, I think we are all preordering to get the education discount, but my dorm cluster might attend.
  • 15 million, fools. The 4.38 million was the first fiscal quarter which ended in January and was already reflected in the 10 million announcement.
  • Instead of getting a big car to be safe (which isn't always true), just drive defensively and safely. Here around Seattle there are a few places to get biodiesel. The place we go to is about 15 miles away (but it isn't that far out of the way, th…
  • If you must get a car, get a VW TDI. My family just got a TDI Jetta to replace an old Mercedes from the 80s. After the first tank (which was provided by the dealer), it has run 100% biodiesel. Biodiesel is carbon neutral and produces just a fraction…
  • It was fairly easy for that okay quality. The camera was on a tripod (albeit, not a good one). I zoomed in to fill the screen, then my brother put the screen down, I took a picture, we put it on the computer, and set it as the desktop. Our camera ta…
  • This is my first time posting in this threads. I have some marmot pictures, but I think I'll change the subject. This picture was taken today by my brother and myself:
  • I'd recommend the Sony MDR-V6. They have a huge range (from like 10 Hz - 30,000 Hz) and good reproduction. I'm listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack on my iPod with them right now and it sounds great.
  • I've been having crashes recently and the occasional pop under. The errors have been something like: EXC_BAD_ACCESS KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS