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  • Quote: Originally posted by Playmaker Spare me! whats your point? lets call it ""Occupation"" SO WHAT! we would be doing the Iraqi people an enormous injustice by leaving now. Everyone who feels that just pulling out is the right thing to do doe…
  • Maybe Apple is waiting for *sigh* Microsoft? Perhaps Apple needs to keep its implementation of metadata compatible with that in Longhorn and therefore are holding off implementing it until Longhorn has shipped...
  • Powerbook G3 500MHz, 640 Mb, 40 Gb, DVD, Airport, Panther
  • Well, Steve Jobs told me too. In a dream. Kind off.
    in why pc vs apple Comment by kane May 2004
  • Maybe it's just me, but I have never understood what was supposed to be so great about Opera. I find it bloated and paling in comparison to the alternatives.
    in Opera! Comment by kane May 2004
  • You'd think this thread would create more buzz than it actually did. Has everyone already given up on Freescale?
  • Yes Brad, but then again Camino behaves much more like a Mac app than Firefox in many ways. Firefox appears to have copied a lot of its behaviour straight from Windows. For instance, pressing key "up" when the cursor is placed in the adressbar does …
    in Camino .8 Comment by kane May 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by HOM Apple's ugliest design? That's easy, Mac OS X. HERETIC!! *C'mon guys, let's teach this infidel a lesson!*
  • Quote: Originally posted by BigBlue Some Finder bits and pieces: Why do we have to click on the desktop first before new files appear (i.e. when downloading) ? Siracusa explains this in his excellent review of Panther.
  • Quote: Originally posted by TekMate The only thing the 15" has over the 12" is a superdrive but if your using it for school you don't NEED a DVD burner it would be cool but you don't need it. I have an older 15' and I love the screen but I also h…
  • This thread has derailed into purchasing advice for Messiatosh. Stay on topic, gentlemen.
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Rest assured, OS X eats RAM for breakfast, but drinks VRAM in coffee breaks. Expose is going to see significant improvements not necessarily in speed, but in responsiveness when many windows are open. And respon…
  • What performance increases can one expect from adding an extra 64MB VRAM to the Powerbook graphics card? Substantial because the memory is doubled or limited since its essentially the same card? Exposé should love that extra VRAM, don't you think?
  • I'm just filling in for you buddy, since you forgot.
    in xsan Comment by kane April 2004
  • My fingers are crossed for the QuickTime 7. How much time is left before we know?
  • Can't we all just get along?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Scott No? Just a well known story among physics types. If were talking about the same thing? Yes we are. Stephen Hawking attributes that quote on turtles to an old lady attending a physics lecture by Bertrand Russe…