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  • Oh we almost guessed it, check out this post: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...er=2#post57107 It was made in December 2002: Quote: Jobes wrote: I know Rosetta was a codename for Inkwell (which seems like a public beta in terms of f…
  • découverte is the French word for discovery, why not call it that? ;-)
  • Hi guys, Yes the computers with Tiger installed are strictly guarded by Apple staff. They won't even let you play around with the OS yourself - they pretty much operate the machine infront of you demonstrating everything. However... I got r…
  • How to put Mac OS 9 drivers on a drive formatted in Mac OS X: Apple TIL Document
  • Boot into Mac OS 9, open the Sound Control Panel, turn the system volume all the way up, then tick the mute box. Now reboot into Mac OS X. You will no longer again hear the startup chime, and you will still hear sound in Mac OS X.
  • If you own an Adaptec PCI SCSI adapter, models -AVA-2906 or AVA-2903CU - then under Mac OS X v10.2.1 your cards are fully supported. You do not need to install drivers for those cards, they come built into the OS (v10.2.1 and later).
  • Internet Connection Sharing was included as an optional component in Windows 98 Second Edition only (cannot be used in First Edition), and is part of the standard install for Windows Millennium, 2000, and XP.
  • That smiling face has been taking out now, replaced by an Apple logo.
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  • Yes I get this too, turning the brightness all the way down on my Indigo iBook using the brightness keys does not turn the backlight anymore. BUT Going to the System Preferences' Displays Pane, then taking the brightness down all the way from …
  • I remember a certain insider, I think her name was Belle, that posted in these forums back in 2000. Back then she posted some stuff all about something refering to a stone, which was a codename to the Newton. She said it would be available as …
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  • You guys are all dreaming, I'm sorry to say but you are all heading for a big let down this January. 1Ghz G4 Macs, yes, but G5's, no way. While I do agree that the G5 will be out within the next year, it's gonna be a while yet.
  • Well at least the $799 iMac comes with a better video card than it's 400Mhz predescesor, a G3 500Mhz with a 16MB Rage Ultra may not give the best graphics performance, but it is at least capable of pulling it's weight, making most games reasonably p…