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  • Oops sorry about the careless mistake
  • Quote: Originally posted by tetzel1517 I hope it will let you travel to whatever your favorite planet is. What's your favorite planet? I like the sun! (P.S. - It's spelled "Carey" Go Cubs!!) the sun is not a planet.
  • hahaha dock prefs "suck effect" I like it.....
  • Quote: Originally posted by \\/\\/ickes ok... download the Gnome packages... and compile them on your computer. But there is no need for two window managers, pic one, it will save space and make things less confusing. as for the command-line K…
  • I have Fink, why would I need to compile it?? I am a x11 noob
  • Quote: Originally posted by Imergingenious 29- rooooog although you'll all probably have to get a new 970 mac to play it anyway I dont know, I remember Tokyo 2001 macworld running Doom 3 in a very early stage and I must say I was impres…
  • Quote: Originally posted by rok i'll sign, but i doubt valve or sierra give a rat's ass. they pulled the first half-life after a lot of development and a few circulated betas... like pulling it off the market was going to recoup their losses in R…
  • That HL-2 video was Sweat! does anyone know where I can find a Doom 3 Trailer hi-Res like that?
  • I have a Pc also, the new Alienware Area 51 (love the case). I also have a 17inch Powerbook too. Let me tell you Pc's are only good for games thats about it.
  • I am getting nervouse now this game better FRIGGIN run on the 17inch Pb very well using bump-mapping. Why did Apple put a S-h-i-t-y Card in the 17inch????
  • ok, I already installed Kde
  • How do you install all the packages, like what is the command for the terminal?
  • I got Kde 3.1 to work! I am just wondering my folder "sw" in my HD is like 768mgs is that normal? or do I have other junk in there? I am also wondering can I dellete Fink and all of its components b/c I am not going to be installing anymore pa…
  • Okay I installed all the packages. Now X11 will not start up it has a Funny "X" that replaced my mouse pointer
  • Fixed the problem, I didnt have the new X11. Ok I installed all the packages, whats next??
  • Look over what I did, and tell me if I am doing something wrong. [Zhenya-Weinsteins-Computer:/sw/bin] zhenyaweinstein% sudo ./apt-get install bundle-kde-ssl Reading Package Lists... Done Building Dependency Tree... Done The following extra packa…
  • Quote: Originally posted by thuh Freak ok, first off, with fink, you dont have to, and i dont think you should really, cd into /sw/bin. running a program should never require you to be in a certain directory. second, fink requires (i'm pretty s…
  • The problem is not getting it started on X11. It wont install any Kde packages this is what it says: #1) Respect the privacy of others. #2) Think before you type. Password: Reading package info... Information about 1159 packages read in 3 s…
  • can someone please help me, I'd really like to get Kde running
  • Last login: Mon Jan 19 04:51:18 on console Welcome to Darwin! [Paul-Weinsteins-Computer:~] zhenya% cd /sw/bin [Paul-Weinsteins-Computer:/sw/bin] zhenya% sudo ./fink install apt We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System…