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  • Fantastic! They should also have an Exposé ad.
  • When AAC first came out, I ripped some Pat Metheny (very complex jazz) at 128MP3, 128AAC, and right to AIFF 44.1kHz/16bit. (I ripped to AIFF because the CD drive can be kinda loud....) Using AKG K240 headphones from my PB, there was a distinct di…
  • I use a wonderful little program called Carbon Copy Cloner along with his linked-to unofficial build of psync. I have an external FW drive with a partition that has a full bootable clone of my internal HD. I update it a few times a week. So basic…
  • My record on my TiBook 800 was 117 days. Right now I'm at 24.5 days. On the other hand, I'm also still running 10.3.7 and am a few security updates behind....
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kendoka Come to think of it I have much more troubles at work, especially a few minutes after it has awoken from sleep... In my experience, cold temperatures can make trackpads act kinda funny, so if it gets cold on…
  • I believe a friend of mine rearranged his Apple keyboard for Dvorak. I rearranged my non-Apple keyboard, and it's a bit funky because the letters from the top row have a different curvature/height than the ones from the bottom row, so it's a bit bum…
  • Quote: Originally posted by wanea (alt+8 and alt+9) Why are you using alt+8 and alt+9 for [ and ]? MATLAB has no problem with the [ and ] keys on my PowerBook.
  • OmniGraffle should do the trick. And it most likely came with your system.
    in Flow Chart Comment by noleli2 July 2004
  • I had this problem a few weeks ago. StuffIt Expander will open the mime.
  • Download and install the latest iPod Updater. When you open the updater, plug in your iPod and select Restore. (I think that's right. I didn't actually look. Oh, and this should probably go in GB.)
  • I got 10 shares at $17.50 way back in the day (pre-split) for my Bar Mitzvah. So I basically got 20 shares at $8.75. I'm making about 375% on that.
  • I tried to partition my external with FAT32/HFS+, but it wouldn't let me. You can check what's allowed by trying it out in Disk Utility.
  • Quote: Originally posted by sc_markt I just found a hint on how to speed sheets opening up on macoshints and tried it and ended up scratching my head as to why it was set up to be slow in the first place. Wow! I was just searching for a hint l…
  • Can you still boot it into target disk mode? 'Cause then you could at least get your stuff off it when the new 'Book comes.
  • iTunes won't/can't have drawers because it Carbon. Something I'd like to see is support for AudioUnits plugins. A compressor would be especially nice on my iPod because when I'm on a bus I have to turn it way up to hear soft sections, but the lou…
  • Quote: Originally posted by heifetz less Ahem... Fewer, actually.
  • I think this one is kinda old, but Quote: ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS PRESIDENT: I am the first President in US history to enter office with a criminal record. I invaded and occupied two countries at a continuing cost of over one billion dollars pe…
  • As far as software being included, Digi002 definatelty includes Pro Tools LE.
  • I'm EE (comm/wireless comm), and I'll be starting my third year in the fall. I'm looking for some sort of EE research, preferably in either of those two fields, but doesn't have to be. What department are you in? Let me know if you want me to PM …