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  • I thought this was for the Apple Universe, or is this some sort of cross-over deal with DC? What would happen if Steve Jobs was the new Green Lantern? I mean, with that ring he could cast his RDF over the whole planet! Johnathan Ive is Robin to…
  • How is this confusing for the consumer? Last I checked people bought computers not processors. They buy software for operating systems not motherboard architechtures. The transition is only an issue for developers, and is mostly a good news s…
  • Best thing to tell him is that it takes time and patience to learn new things, and that it's nearly impossible to completely screw up a computer past the point of no return, especially an eMac. There's always undo, there's always a way back. But…
  • Try converting the pic to a JPG or PNG or other platform-independant image. The problem probably stems from the fact that the TIFF is a Mac TIFF not a PC TIFF (yes, for some stupid reason there is a difference). Composer
  • Yes, Futura is a nice font. However, it is standard practice to design sites with just three TYPES of fonts in mind. These are: Serif Fonts: These fonts typically have small ornamentations (called serifs) on them. These fonts include Times, T…
  • I think it flies very well. But it shouldn't be tied to specific hardware - just yet. The problem with thin clients is two-fold. They appear to the user to be a toy-computer, and to corporate IT departments as a proprietary solution, locking them…
  • Sounds to me like your PRAM or NVRAM I should say, is getting zapped for no apparent reason. Either that, or your permissions are screwed up in the /Library/System Configuration folder. Run disk utility and repair permissions, that should do the t…
  • Huh. Mine did that too. But I was travelling abroad at the time and I thought it was just unclean power at the hotel I was staying at. Didn't happen again after I left. I'd give a call, or take it in anyway.
  • While I think its interesting technology to be sure, I don't see this as a likely replacement for the iMac (as an AIO) or my PowerBook. It's still essentially CRT technology (excited phosphor) but with a much more precise method of exciting the sub…
  • What? Where? Why? Huh? What? Hey! Who? How? What?
  • Or, if you want to see what's happening "under the hood" hold down apple-v the next time you start. You may get a hint as to what is causing your PB to hang.
  • I could but... I've started using my iDisk to create ongoing backups of my files. So far it's too small to put huge music files on, but sufficient for Sibelius Files, word documents, etc.
  • Out of all the radio trasmitters, iTrip is still king. If you still have a cassette player in your car, get the Sony adapter, avoid RadioShack as it does not have a feedback mechanism that tells modern radios w/tape seek/scan that there's a tape pl…
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  • Quote: Originally posted by cubist Also I thought I read on another thread that there was a problem with using liquid cooling in laptops carried on aircraft. The likely conducting fluid would be alchohol rather than water. Alchohol, being fl…
  • Where Apple's strengths lie is in creative applications (still), not in the time-share or thin-client realm. Although for space-saving an iMac makes a great client computer.
  • I've seen it done once on a Linux system in the OS 8 days using pdisk, and there is a command-line tool for doing it, but be careful. 1. backup 2. try it 3. when it fails, re-partition, re-install and re-store!
  • You're right knappa, what might make more sense is a joystick like those found on IBM thinkpads and the like, limited to movement in four directions to eliminate accidental diagonal scrolling, unless the user asked for it. Might be kinda cool. Hec…
  • If it happened Apple would make THE WHOLE WIDGET. That being said: IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This is clearly the raving of a deluded mind.
  • To confirm, it will ask for a password if there is an account password, only by leaving it blank (not recommended) does it allow password-less user switching. Does this belong in the Genius Bar?
  • About VPC 6 & a 12" PB: Biggest "ick" Factor: no Level 3 Cache. From what I've seen it's like trying to milk a cow using a pair of tweezers. Slow, man, really slow. Maybe VPC 7 will be better, but considering the fact that Microsoft adds bl…