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  • Going to law school (yes I'm an evil person). And in deference to a few of the established posters here, I'm going to "Dook".
    in Graduation Comment by agent302 June 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by Amorph Ask, and it shall be given you. That's what I call customer service. Thanks!
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunrein All that means is that it won't work as a wired router. That's what I meant. So you can't use it in as the main base station in a mixed wired/wireless environment. For example, right now my computer is…
  • Well, it took me from the black out till now to get here. Can I have: "I'm learnding!" (with the quotes and spelled like that) Thanks!
  • Quote: Originally posted by iDave Does this replace the Airport Extreme Base Station? It's less money and I don't see how it differs, other than having more features. No it doesn't replace Airport Extreme. It's actually missing a couple fea…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Smircle Furthermore, the personality of the two is different. Hussein was your typical third world dictator with an attitude, whereas Hitler was clearly a homicidal killer with a mission. Where it took Hussein some 20 …
  • Quote: Originally posted by midwinter Is that actually a passive construction? Wouldn't the passive form of it be something like "I was made/considered/regarded as/thought to be/otherwise verbed the village whipping-boy"? Yeah, probably. I…
  • Quote: Originally posted by staphbaby That sig imbues me with an overwhelming desire to cross my legs. ScottiB: "is" is intransitive, and thus has no direct object, but at least in my understanding, it can associate multiple subjects: "I am th…
  • I survived high school with a Quadra 605. And this was after the G3s were released. A Ti550 is seriously way more than enough to get you through high school. There are so many other things to do with money from a job in high school than buy a com…
  • iTunes already has movie trailers and music videos, so it seems to make the most sense at this point.
  • I know we're bashing Bush again, but here's an interesting follow-up to the original link that Anders posted:
  • Midwinter, you remind me that I should reread Life of Pi over the summer. That book is quite amazing.
  • Quote: Originally posted by ShawnJ Me too. But I flipped through that at Barnes and Noble and it didn't seem terribly interesting. I find websites like Guide to Grammar and Writing much more informative, efficient at imparting information, and …
  • For a class: Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on thr Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt For fun (when I finally finish the above and get my ass graduated in a couple weeks) : Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuati…
  • Well, as the token San Jose fan, I offer my congratulations. This is now the time that I embrace the fact that I actually have more Canadian than American relatives. Bandwagon, here I come!
  • Quote: Originally posted by thedustin $2.67 in Calabasas, north of L.A. and 2.31 at Hollywood & Highland, right in the middle of Hollywood. Yea Sammi Jo, in Goleta (Santa Barbara) it is $2.55, but $3.11!! WTF!? _thedustin The $2.29 …
  • Quote: Originally posted by murbot I forgot to mention this... anyone else sickened by the "quality" of the fans in San Jose? I couldn't believe how quickly they turned on their team. They friggin' booed them off the ice after the first period, f…
  • Quote: Originally posted by curiousuburb So have the musical notes on the icon changed colour again? This may be reserved for full number updates. This is only a .5 update. (Or they just got bored with updating the color every time)
  • I will now reaffirm: Patrick Marleau, playoff MVP. And damn if that goal by Cheechoo wasn't the best goal I've ever seen.