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  • tadd
    That's wild.  I really enjoyed all that.  I can't believe it was 18 years ago.  I waited in the new-iphone line for the iPhone 6S but that was the last time and that didn't seem anywhere near as geeky and happy as the Apple Store openings.  I guess I have to find a new rare-in-crowd to get involved with.  Rocket launches maybe?  Tesla Model 3 looks like it might have been one of those.  Wired really captured those years well in the "Cult Of Mac" book. 
    October 2018
    • ihatescreennames
      We had a lot of fun, as odd as that sounds to others. I remember while waiting in line at Crossgates some "older" people (probably in their 50s or 60s) stopped to ask us what was going on. When we replied that the Apple Store was opening they first asked, "What's that?" and then asked what kind of prizes were being handed out. When we replied there were no prizes the confused looks we got made the wait that much more enjoyable. Those were the only 3 we went to.

      Oddly, I didn't even consider going to the grand opening at Holyoke, which would have been the easiest for us to get to. I think by that time the uniqueness of a store opening had sort of worn off (I think Holyoke opened in 2005). I've never waited in line for a new product and now that ordering online or through the app is so easy I just stick with that. Of course, the hardest part is getting up at 3 AM but I'd rather do that than wait in line and hope I get what I want.
    • ihatescreennames
      Also, I still have 5 of the shirts they handed out rolled up in their plastic tubes, sitting in a closet. I opened 1 each from the 3 stores we went to and kept the rest like new. I'm still not sure what I'll do with them...
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