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  • Battle of the sexes: Men and women like different iPhone models

    Women generally have smaller hands and the smaller iPhones are more comfortable in their hands.  Pocket sizes for women's clothes are more in tune with smaller hands - look around to see how many women have their phones in their hip pockets.  
  • Apple supplier launches non-invasive glucose monitor & health sensor tech

    This, if course, would be announced less than a week after I received my Dexcom G6!   Fortunately Medicare plus Supplemental made it a very simple decision to make.

    A couple of points worth mentioning from my last week.  First, the only over night issues were 2 warnings (loud beeps) for low sugars approaching 55 and one for high sugars, at 200.  Otherwise I sleep well at night and would not have needed knowing my levels.  

    During the day I find I look at my sugars frequently and have been able to keep my sugars in control and almost eliminate the use of insulin.  I also take a good, well advertised, pill that works as advertised.  By frequently looking at my sugars I am taking about 5 - 10 views an hour.  The Dexcom displays sugar levels every 5 minutes, making it easy to just glance.  That level of information encourages you to change eating habits or patterns.  A version of info on the Watch could result in the same benefits I have received with the Dexcom.  People staying on top of the data can benefit pretty easily as long as they also adjust WHAT they eat.

    BTW, having that level of information is also a good way to slowly lower your insulin levels, which can pay for these type of devices over a reasonably short time.
  • Apple, Eli Lilly study seeks to determine whether iPhone and Apple Watch can detect dement...

    A lot of things can contribute to Dementia. Saw my Doc Monday and he mentioned that a recent CE class they discussed that a large number of sleeping pills can double the risk of Dementia. He also said that he has banned those groups of sleep meds from his practice. While detection is damn important, just as important are those aspects of daily life that can cause it. It might be that a lower level of oxygen in the blood (PulseOx) brings it on faster, or chemicals exposed to at work or during military service. PulseOx is easy to check with inexpensive meters you can get from Amazon type web sites.
  • Apple in talks to transfer US veterans' medical records to iPhone

    This can be a. important feature for Vets of all ages.  I'm from the Vietnam era, but there are older Vets than me.  For some from WW II and Korea the system would  support the older Vets, or their family/care giver.

    Since the VA is one of the longest running computer based health records system it may end up having some very large health records,  That might need to be looked at when looking at, say, the flu in 1952.

    Several needs I see would be the ability to reorder Rx's (just like you do on your computer) and use of Finger Print or Face ID to log in. Same with Secure Messaging ,in the VA System.

    I believe that the VA Health System is looking at updating their health systems.  If so I would hope that Apple can help influence them in various areas.