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  • Mac shipments grow slightly, but Apple's PC market share shrinks [u]

    Is there really any difference between a 97% level of satisfaction and a 98% level? Maybe for younger people, but as someone who has used computers since the '80's I believe satisfaction levels in the 90's to be impressive. Obviously at my age the eyes are forgiving of only above average displays, jus as the ears don't need the highest fidelity in speakers. I believe that we are finally in an age where consumer level technologies have reached a point where average consumers can tell the difference in their normal lives. Advances, like the EEC and Fall Detection in the Watch do make a difference, as new primary medical technologies. The average consumer will not being using Pages or Numbers or Keynote on their watch.
  • Antitrust committee demands Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google internal documents

    Apple needs to let every national politician understand d how much they have paid to developers since the iPhone was open to developers.  Maybe some information on the growth in the number of developers over the years.  

    There is also a need to help them understand that any political invasion of the Apple environment will only be a huge gift to hackers and those sending out ransom ware.

  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    I'm still waiting for Apple to do something with liquid metal and it seems that the Watch would be an interesting use.  IIRC, LM was supposed to be easy to fabricate so it would seem that the important factors would be cost and durability. This assumes that Apple has not given up on Liquid Metal.
  • Apple, Eli Lilly study seeks to determine whether iPhone and Apple Watch can detect dement...

    A lot of things can contribute to Dementia. Saw my Doc Monday and he mentioned that a recent CE class they discussed that a large number of sleeping pills can double the risk of Dementia. He also said that he has banned those groups of sleep meds from his practice. While detection is damn important, just as important are those aspects of daily life that can cause it. It might be that a lower level of oxygen in the blood (PulseOx) brings it on faster, or chemicals exposed to at work or during military service. PulseOx is easy to check with inexpensive meters you can get from Amazon type web sites.
  • Apple stops shipments of iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus in India

    I'm hoping that a new SE sized iPhone is announced in September. My wife owns an SE and refuses to  use anything larger,  The XR (the cheapest X Series iPhone) is a joke for those with smaller hands,  It's simply uncomfortable  to use.  The current design points in the X Series (or the XI Series) is where the SE point needs to one.

    The SE also opens the door to a traditional marketing program of upgrades used by the auto industry for generations.  GM would start you with a Chevy, move you to a Pontiac, then an Olds (or Buick) and maybe a Caddy.  Toyota has that. same approach, but starts you with a Corolla,

    Apple can take that same path with lower costs iPhones like the SE and base level Macs.  The difference between the Apple approach and the auto approach would be how  easily upgrading Apples would be compared to cars.