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  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    Does improved selfie camera along with super wide front camera taken together sound to anyone else like Apple is laying the groundwork for a built in 360 camera?
  • Apple in 2019 and the case of the expensive iPhone

    Interesting analysis. 

    From a consumer point of view I think when apple has been at its best, it has brought a class of product with a level of functionality, reliability, fit, and finish, that couldn't be gotten elsewhere at any price. The original iPods and early iPhones were clear examples of this. When they came out they were an order of magnitude more expensive than alternative products, and orders of magnitude better (think $50 CD player or fully subsidized flip phone). 

    Even in the computer space where differences in spec value proposition have often been very narrow margins between competing models, people are often willing to pay a little more for a product that has a reliable track record, and–to invoke Marie Kondo–sparks joy.

    But the fit-and-finish (or joy-spark) premium has its limits.

    While I still prefer apple designs, competitors are closing the fit and finish gap, and while the processors in the current iPhones are quite arguably the best in class, the value added proposition of feature set in the high end models doesn't set apple apart in the way that it used to. Meanwhile on the computer side of things, while apple goes through apparent cycles of paying any attention at all to this side of the business, they haven't had a truly compellingly competitive new model in some time. 

    The premium on apple products is best justified by the consumer when they really stand out as premium products in and of themselves, and the current lineup just doesn't meet that bar IMHO.
  • Akitio's Thunder3 Dock Pro offers 10-gigabit Ethernet to MacBook Pro, iMac owners

    60 watts of PD is not pro. Almost an amazing dock but useless as a single cable solution for 15” MBP without 87watts. 
  • Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 truly wireless earphones are a premium version of AirPods

    Nice article, but I have one quibble (minor complaint) with the use of the word squabble (argument, as between children).

  • Galaxy Note 9 versus iPhone X cameras, compared

    Nice article, but “Versus . . . Compared?”