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  • Apple has destroyed the potential of the Smart Connector on the new iPad Pro

    I spend more than seven hours a day WORKING on my iPad. Meaning I do work that people pay me for and I don’t watch cat videos on YouTube. When I take breaks I go to sties like this and read funny stories about how Apple has killed yet another product which is selling 10s of not hundreds of millions of units. 

    Yes, we are all sorry about how poorly iPhones and iPads are selling. Microsoft would LOVE to have the problem of having to figure out how to produce that many Surfaces as Apple does iPads.

    I use a 12.9” iPad Pro all day long. Both at my desk and remotely. I’m still trying to decide if I want to buy the new one or not. In the meantime the Apple Smart Keyboard that I have drives me nuts when it is time to pick up my iPad and move to another location. 

    if I always stayed in one place I would get another iMac. As it is I have a mostly maxed out two year old iMac as it is. But it doesn’t travel well. And I have problems with my shoulders so I try to keep weight down as much as possible. Which is where my 12.9” iPad Pro comes in. The smaller ones don’t have enough screen real estate and the keyboards are not full size and I type ALL DAY LONG. 

    Yes I like the thinness of the original iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard. I don’t add the added thickness of the new one and ultimately with the new Smart Keyboard the new 12.9” iPad Pro ends up weighing the same amount.

    I used to use Apple bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. But it is bulky, heavier, and just impossible to work with when all you have is your lap. 

    Apple has not killed anything. Have they made it any better? That remains to be seen. So far my currently 12.9” iPad Pro is doing everything that I need/want it to as far as what I need it to do. I’ll always want it to do more no matter how much more it can do things.

    I started out programming on a main frame. Now I use VPN to remote into my iMac from anywhere in the world and through encryption I’m not worried about anything getting stolen and I don’t have to carry around the weight of a laptop that doesn’t have the horsepower I need in the first place. And for technical/meeting papers that I have to write up, my iPad has everything that I need for that with.

    Chicken Little. The sky is not falling.
  • Apple's 8 years of iPad: a revolution in iOS computing

    My boss got mad at me when he found out I was using my iPad Pro to VPN into work for administrative and programming work. I asked him why and he basically disrespected the iPad. I asked him why he was so afraid of iPads when it does —everything— that I need to do to VPN into work and he just stammered. It’s the only time I’ve ever seem him speechless.

    Fast forward a year and a half and he broke his collarbone skiing. He struggled for several days to try to lug his laptop. Then I saw that he purchased a Surface Pro which wasn’t much lighter than his laptop. Then I saw him carrying a bag that absolutely was too small for either his laptop or his Surface. 

    What’s in the bag? I asked him and he told me had a meeting and couldn’t talk and hurried off. Later that day I “caught” him with a 12.9” iPad Pro. I laughed and said he had gone to the dark side. He tried to tell me that updates to iOS had “finally” made iPads worth using. “Bullshit”, I told him and brought in my iPad 3 which I hadn’t updated since I bought my 12.9” iPad Pro when it came out. I then showed him that I could do everything he could do on his “new” 12.9” iPad Pro (which was exactly the same as mine) except that it had a smaller screen. 

    Well it has a larger screen, he said. It has the same screen as my iPad Pro and used an older version of iOS when I first got it and VPN’d into work when I needed to. So no recent updates changed anything for VPN. He got mad at me, because I was right, and told me to go away because he had work to do. I just smiled and went back to my desk when I use my personal MacPro laptop to do most of my work (Office 2016 - ugh!!!) and VPN into my work Windows computers when I can’t avoid it.
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