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  • Apple's meteoric rise is over, says KeyBanc

    Oh here we go again..."Apple, the beleaguered computer company...."

    1996 called, they want their tech analysts back.
  • An iPhone running iOS 17 can be used to recover a bricked Apple TV

    dewme said:
    nicholfd said:
    dewme said:
    You can still factory reset a HomePod or HomePod mini by plugging it into the USB port on a Mac
    Really?  I have a dozen of the OG HomePods and two of the 2nd gen - where do you plug in the USB cable (they do not have a USB port????
    You are absolutely correct. My apology, this only applies to HomePod mini. The jumbo has no ports and can only be factory reset using the top controls. 

    I should know this because I have a 1st gen HomePod that is truly bricked. From what I’ve read some of the 1st gen have a component, I think an inexpensive diode, that shorts out and renders the device totally inoperative. It’s way down at the base of the device and requires peeling back many layers of the assembly onion to gain access. I’m keeping it around in case I get bored and want to play with puzzles. 
    RE: the dead diode, check out Nic's Fix, both website and youtube channel (where he live streams his repairs). He is able to disassemble the HomePod, replace the diode, and reassemble with no damage to the HP. He is able make other repairs and fixed two of my HPs -- the dead diode/no power issue and the "death farts"/DC offset issue. Reasonable prices, too.

    RE: HomePod ports. There is a port in the bottom of the HP--Nic has info on this port and tried to reset bricked HP via this port connected to a Mac, but hasn't had any luck, yet.
  • Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN are all getting another price hike

    The higher prices for ad free content may backfire. It's getting to the point, if we aren't there already, that it may pay to only have one streaming subscription at a time. It's not like any streaming service has enough desirable content to occupy one for an entire year, and it will be better to subscribe, watch what you want, unsubscribe, subscribe to a new service, watch what you want, unsubscribe, repeat... Eventually you make your way back around to the first service and begin the cycle again.
    I've moved from "cutting the cord" to "trimming the cloud."
    Next, as you've suggested, will be cutting and rotating clouds.

  • Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

    So.... Zuckerburg just took time to let Meta employees know he has pooped himself over Vision Pro.
    Can hardly wait for Meta employees to stage Vision Pro's mock funeral, "Meta Quest buries the competition!" 
  • Google in retreat, halts construction of 80 acre mega campus

    Two words:

    Google Barges