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  • An iPhone running iOS 17 can be used to recover a bricked Apple TV

    dewme said:
    nicholfd said:
    dewme said:
    You can still factory reset a HomePod or HomePod mini by plugging it into the USB port on a Mac
    Really?  I have a dozen of the OG HomePods and two of the 2nd gen - where do you plug in the USB cable (they do not have a USB port????
    You are absolutely correct. My apology, this only applies to HomePod mini. The jumbo has no ports and can only be factory reset using the top controls. 

    I should know this because I have a 1st gen HomePod that is truly bricked. From what I’ve read some of the 1st gen have a component, I think an inexpensive diode, that shorts out and renders the device totally inoperative. It’s way down at the base of the device and requires peeling back many layers of the assembly onion to gain access. I’m keeping it around in case I get bored and want to play with puzzles. 
    RE: the dead diode, check out Nic's Fix, both website and youtube channel (where he live streams his repairs). He is able to disassemble the HomePod, replace the diode, and reassemble with no damage to the HP. He is able make other repairs and fixed two of my HPs -- the dead diode/no power issue and the "death farts"/DC offset issue. Reasonable prices, too.

    RE: HomePod ports. There is a port in the bottom of the HP--Nic has info on this port and tried to reset bricked HP via this port connected to a Mac, but hasn't had any luck, yet.
  • Apple will launch HomePod with 7-inch screen in 2024, says Kuo

    Goofy combination to be honest.  Any form factor that doesn’t alter the sound imaging by obstructing the speaker?  I can’t get the image of a second
     gen iMac out of my head. 

    I had the same image in my head. Though I still don’t know why I need a screen  on my HomePod, especially if I interact with it via AppleTV, my iPhone phone,  or my voice. Different strokes, I guess. 

  • New HomePod 'surprisingly easy' to disassemble and repair

    Glad they gave a shoutout to Nic's Fix re fixing the OG HomePods. He did a great job on fixing my HomePod's no power issue. Reasonable cost and Quick.  Nic was likely the first to post a tear down video of the new HomePod as well. Videos of fixes don in real time and tear down of the new HP are on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@NicsFix

  • Peloton's original bike price drops $400 after poor earning results

    Still too expensive for a clothes rack/dust collector.
  • What you need to know about Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack

     $100 for a 1460 mAh battery pack?
    No thank you.