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  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    melgross said:
    I’d rather have a 1.4 sensing site size for the tele sensor instead of the super wide camera so that that camera would take pics as good as the wide camera does. Then I’d like to have Apple’s computational methods give us a night mode as Huawei and Google does. Both would be more useful than a super wide.
    Yes, Google’s night vision mode (based on the samples I’ve seen) is seriously impressive. Would love to see Apple improve on what’s out there now.

    It also makes me wonder why these software and hardware innovations haven’t yet found their way into security cameras. Night vision and grain reduction in consumer grade cameras would be a huge breakthrough for security companies and the public.
    I imagine it’s because of they heavy processing involved. These cameras rely on highly sensitive sensors and light amplification which requires no real processing.
  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    tmay said:
    melgross said:
    Not innovation. Already in LG V-series phones since 2018. In fact they have 5 lenses/cameras now.
    And they take mediocre pictures.

    Long story short, Huawei didn't build a color model to work with their imager.
    Yes. Good article. I’ve been talking about this for years. No Android phone camera is properly set up. Not a single one. The problem with most reviews is that the reviews know little to nothing about photography. They can’t tell anything about their photos other than sharpness and exposure. They don’t understand color, for one thing. Or saturation. They take mediocre pictures that are often mis shot for what they’re trying to illustrate. They don’t understand flare, or other shooting problems. 

    I’m now reading in a couple of places that Google has implemented color management in the Android OS. But they haven’t. That will require an entire overhaul of their display model. What they’ve done is a very modest ability to display (sometimes) two specific standards, but not at the same time. This is far from color management. I used to teach that.
  • Hands on: Pixelmator Photo is king of the iPad photo editing apps

    I have a lot of photo apps on my iPad. Several are very good. This one seems pretty good too, so far. But none, including this one, are what I really want. Too many of these have tons of what this review seems to think are great filters, but are mostly a waste of time.  They’re almost always not actually what you want. If you really want these types of filters you still need to do most of it manually. They seem to be aimed at the amateur Instagram crowd.

    when Photoshop arrives, we’ll see if it provides what all these apps are missing.
  • Apple's T2 chip makes a giant difference in video encoding for most users

    tht said:
    samrod said:
    Curious about the massive discrepancy between the "2018 Mac Mini i3 CPU only" at 8m 51s and the "5,1 Mac Pro" at 51m 14s, both without T2/QS. Is it possible to break down the differences between T2 and QuickSync performances and which settings are required for each?
    The 5,1 Mac Pro is a cheese grater model that is likely using 10 year old Xeon processors. A comparative system today should be about 2^3 times faster, without any fancy dedicated onchip ASICs even.
    It’s upsetting to know that my 2012 Mac Pro, with two 6 core CPU’s, running at 3.47GHz, is slower than my iPhone Max, core for core, or my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9”. Such is progress.
  • Apple Pay comes to Singapore transit, New York City piloting in spring

    They’ve been doing in London. At some point, people have to modernize, whether they like it or not. There’s always the excuse that some people can’t afford something or other. But over time, amazingly enough, even they are doing it. I don’t think affordability is a real, long term issue. How many people don’t have cell phones today? How many don’t have smartphones? How many smartphones don’t have NFC?

    every new technology has been criticized as being too expensive for some, or too complicated for others. But nevertheless they take over. Costs come down, complexity is simplified. That’s the way of the world nowadays.

    i have problems with the Metrocard. Sometimes they don’t get read properly, and you’re standing there swiping away. It says to just swipe at that terminal, but you can’t, so you go to another one. Sometimes you lose the first fare because of that. If you don’t pay attention, the card, which is dated, for most card uses, runs out, and even with money on it, doesn’t work. So you have to get out of the line, when it’s busy, and go to a machine, which may have people on line, and which itself may not be working, or is only accepting cash, or some other nonsense. Then you have to go to the booth, at some point, with your bad, it outdated card, and see if they can convert it to a new card. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Many stations have no one in the booth.

    sometimes, though it’s been rare in recent years, some wise guy puts something into the slot so you can’t swipe.

    so anyone who tells you that this is going to be a bigger pain is full of it. I expect glitches in the beginning. This always happens. But after some time, it will settle in.