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  • Editorial: No Bill Gates, Windows was not iPhone's 'natural' nemesis

    While Windows was "good enough" for the PC, it was lightyears away from being good enough for mobile, and that's what killed it from being ubiquitous. 

    Neither Gates nor anyone else at Microsoft ever struck me as being visionary. They were at the right place at the right time when IBM was looking for a partner to provide software for their crappy PC platform. They couldn't even write their shit on their own, they hat to quickly license some CP/M knockoff from Seattle Computers or whatever their name was. Their "win" wasn't on merit, it was sheer luck. And when they had the market power they employed imperialist strategies.

    In other words: they were a bunch of assholes. 

    And thanks to another asshole, George Bush, they weren't split up as they were supposed to be which was already decided by law under the Clinton administration.

    As someone else already wrote: Windows is a big piece of spaghetti code, and will eventually become extinct similiar to the dinosaurs. 
  • Mac Gatekeeper vulnerability allows installation of malware

    Some of these vulnerabilities are just stupid. 

    As in easy to have secured them 

    begs the the question about backdoors. Rather than build one outright, just leave a quiet vulnerability. 

    This is one in particular is ridiculous. 
    I agree. This "exploit" doesn't exploit any vulnerabilty because it just sym links a trusted source (the local disk drive) to a trusted destination (an NFS share). It is not Gatekeepere's responsibilty to verify that locally mounted NFS share can be trusted. If you don't trust your LAN then don't access it.

    This is just clickbait and everybody and their dog jumps on it because it has "Apple" and "vulnerabilty" in the headline.

    I had expected a bit more research from AI
     before publishing on such a delicate topic. 
  • 2019 iMac performance ranges from 5% to 66% increase over previous models

    Does anyone know how the new GPUs compare to the 2017 models?
  • Tips: If you're holding off on macOS High Sierra, turn off upgrade notifications for good

    Many applications stopped working because of new file system 
    Could you elaborate on this one please?
  • weMessage promises to bring iMessage to Android, uses Mac as server

    Useful to all the dumbasses who own a Mac but not an iPhone...