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  • EU proposing USB-C smartphone charger standard

    Personally this would be a a win for myself, iPad, Cameras, GoPro, MC Helmet all are using USB-C, the fact that I have to carry around a lightning cable for AirPods (Max & Pro) and the iPhone is pretty silly really.

    About this being a regulation; this is exactly where you want regulation as a consumer, no one seems to be complaining that not every house have different power plugs. It is a win for both consumers and third party vendors. Kudos EU!
  • Here's everything new coming to tvOS 15 in the fall

    I’m just hoping for better app to profile integration. Today it is pretty much useless
  • Apple earned over $100 million from 'Fortnite' [u]

    sflocal said:
    Epic may have developed Fortnite, but Apple continues to create more and better iPhones, which in turns brings in customers, and loyalty, and provides a service level that few companies can provide and an entire ecosystem that makes freeloaders like Epic a lot of money.  30% is chump change compared to how it was in the early years of boxed software.

    Consumers pays for the iPhones, which gives Apple a fair piece of change already. The comparison of AppStore with a brick and mortar store is simply ludicrous. If that was the case Apple should be charging by the square footage [MBs] of storage and transport not what the product actually costs. 
  • Intel announces technology team restructuring amid 7nm woes

    I’m quite torn here. I generally do not have a problem for consumer grade custom CPUs. However one obvious risk with moving off the x86_64 architecture is that necessary developer tools such as hypervizors and products such as Docker and Java will not be readily available. Apple gained a lot of enterprise developers once they moved to Intel. 
    Now their work laptop will probably be some Linux variant. This means less awareness and higher threshold to write iOS apps. I could be wrong, but I think Apple would have better long term chances. It will take years, only time will tell
  • Apple's AirPower charging mat may not be cancelled after all

    still do not see how it is practical to lay down the iPhone. Sure the AirPod case and the watch. But for the desk I want my phone to be standing so that FaceId works.
    i guess this could be to nice for the bedside but it seems a little bit steep with $200 plus for a bedside thing?