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  • UK won't copy EU USB-C common charger mandate

    Who cares? The UK is how large of a market? Compared to the 450 million people in EU, 330 million in the USA and the billions in China and India. The UK is irrelevant..
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  • Apple insists 8GB unified memory equals 16GB regular RAM

    This is like saying to an employee that the $1000 salary is the same as $2000 elsewhere. A lie and a damn bad lie at that.
  • EU lawmakers unfazed by Meta's threat that it would pull out of Europe

    netrox said:
    I hate EU. I am sick of EU imposing cookie policy notice every time I visit a website. 
    That’s not only a EU thing it’s the same here in the, or at least in California due to CCPA.
  • EU proposing USB-C smartphone charger standard

    Personally this would be a a win for myself, iPad, Cameras, GoPro, MC Helmet all are using USB-C, the fact that I have to carry around a lightning cable for AirPods (Max & Pro) and the iPhone is pretty silly really.

    About this being a regulation; this is exactly where you want regulation as a consumer, no one seems to be complaining that not every house have different power plugs. It is a win for both consumers and third party vendors. Kudos EU!
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    Dear Thierry, can I have a BMW engine in my Mercedes, please? And I should be able to put any headlights in my car well well, thank you. And while you’re at it, I want to control my Bosch appliance with the Samsung app, buy competitors’ products in my supermarket of choice and run iOS on Android phones. No biggie for you, I suppose. Cheers. 
    I don’t understand this. You are aware that there are car enthusiasts that does this all the time. The car manufacturers do not care after they’ve sold you the car what you do with it. Sure it will void the warranty but the car is yours.
  • Apple files legal challenge over Europe's demand for third-party app stores

    AppleZulu said:
    aldanno said:
    Just imagine if Circle K was forced to carry every brand candy, soda and beer. Also imagine they weren't free to mark-up their product prices as they saw fit! No one is asking the Apple Retail Stores to stock every iPhone charger, or competing smart phones? Why is the digital store different? Especially in Europe, they also won't let you sell car parts that haven't been 'certified' to not compromise their safety or environmental standards. Are they planning on setting up an international body to 'certify' apps as not harmful to the operating system or other apps?

    I don't get it.
    The third-party app store requirements have a deeper twist for your analogy to be accurate. They would be like requiring Circle K to give others free floor space to stock their own tems which they will sell directly so as not to give Circle K a cut, and to prevent Circle K from imposing any review or requirements on the third-party items to prevent them from interfering with Circle K's operations or even to prevent them from burning down the Circle K store entirely.
    No this is not accurate, no one is asking Apple to even host the third party stores. Physical space isn’t the same as digital footprint. One is limited by geographical dimensions whereas the other is for all practical purposes infinite. If Apple would allow side loading of apps, there would be zero cost to Apple. In fact it would likely reduce cost on Apple from having to maintain code that attempts to block these capabilities for the owners of their devices. 
    Lastly and probably something you ought to consider. This works on MacOS because consumers would not accept these rights to be removed. Imagine how utterly useless your MacBook would feel like if all you were left with was the App Store applications. Does anyoje use the same arguments for MacOs?? No, this is an excellently executed propaganda by Apple to have you think that your phone and tablet is somehow different in this regard!!!!
  • All the new features in tvOS 17: FaceTime, new Control Center, more

    When will “profiles” become useful? Why do I need to specify my HBO, Hulu, Netflix.. profile every time I switch between apps? The profile feature should be transient to all apps, not just games!
  • Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules

    Beautiful is that we will be able to see how harmful is for Consumers!

    next step: right to repair & etc ! I want to be able to change the battery on my iPhone, the memory on my Mac Mini and etc. !
    you mean like I buy a car from Mercedes Benz but I have the freedom to put whatever has and repair it wherever I like? I’ve never understood why everyone thinks that Apple still owns the device you purchased? 
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    tmay said:
    Scot1 said:
    As a Canadian, while, I don’t support legislation to force Apple to open up their eco stream, make no mistake, the EU is as economically powerful as the United States
    Based on GDP comparisons between the U.S. and the EU, you made a mistake.

    U.S. GDP in 2022 was about $25 T

    EU GDP in 2022 was about $16 T

    The U.S. largest trading partner is Canada, followed by Mexico, China, and then the EU.

    The populations of NAFTA, and the EU are about the same at 450 million.

    What's interesting is that the U.S. shifting supply chains out of China is particularly benefitting Mexico and the State of Texas.

    Seems like you’ve got some rounding problems gdp for 2022 was

    EU $17.8
    US $25.5

    but also NAFTA was dissolved a few years back.