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  • Apple insists 8GB unified memory equals 16GB regular RAM

    This is like saying to an employee that the $1000 salary is the same as $2000 elsewhere. A lie and a damn bad lie at that.
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    tmay said:
    Scot1 said:
    As a Canadian, while, I don’t support legislation to force Apple to open up their eco stream, make no mistake, the EU is as economically powerful as the United States
    Based on GDP comparisons between the U.S. and the EU, you made a mistake.

    U.S. GDP in 2022 was about $25 T

    EU GDP in 2022 was about $16 T

    The U.S. largest trading partner is Canada, followed by Mexico, China, and then the EU.

    The populations of NAFTA, and the EU are about the same at 450 million.

    What's interesting is that the U.S. shifting supply chains out of China is particularly benefitting Mexico and the State of Texas.

    Seems like you’ve got some rounding problems gdp for 2022 was

    EU $17.8
    US $25.5

    but also NAFTA was dissolved a few years back.
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    Dear Thierry, can I have a BMW engine in my Mercedes, please? And I should be able to put any headlights in my car well well, thank you. And while you’re at it, I want to control my Bosch appliance with the Samsung app, buy competitors’ products in my supermarket of choice and run iOS on Android phones. No biggie for you, I suppose. Cheers. 
    I don’t understand this. You are aware that there are car enthusiasts that does this all the time. The car manufacturers do not care after they’ve sold you the car what you do with it. Sure it will void the warranty but the car is yours.
  • Three iPhone 15 models rumored to get Thunderbolt/USB4 connector

    bluefire1 said:
    mayfly said:
    "This suggests that multiple models within the iPhone 15 series will support Thunderbolt/USB4's high-speed 40Gbps data transmission,"

    What are people doing on their iPhones that would benefit from 40Gbps data transmission bandwidth?
    Transferring 4K videos taken using iPhones to their Macs?
    What about the majority of iPhone users who could care less about transferring 4K videos and the like. For us, this update is minimal.
    Then why do you care?
  • 108 new emoji expected to become part of iOS 17 -- eventually

    Who finds articles like this informative or even interesting?