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  • New phishing scam masquerades as Apple support call

    I got this call just before Christmas. I realized that it wasn’t Apple that called since they failed to explain how the ‘hackers’ worked around the 2 factor auth. Satisfactory...
    When they asked to provide me with login coordinates to my computer I simply provided them a new VM where they searched around for an hour w/o finding anything. At least they had to waste some time.
  • iPhone support added to Google Fi wireless internet access program

    KP81 said:
    tedp88 said:
    There’s the cost of the service, but then data is $10/GB... that seems a bit hefty.

    up to 6GB only. You get data after that but the pricing is capped at $60. 

    So 2 lines w/ "unlimited" data - runs you $95 mo. That's pretty competitive. If they threw in Google services like Music or YouTube or Play credits, it would probably get more people. 

    No visual voicemail and not auto switching to another carrier (it will be TMO only) is the drawback for iOS folks. 

    NM - I was wrong about this. The data cap scales based on # of lines. ;

    2 lines = 10GB billing cap. $135 mo. 

    Here red in Ireland I pay $18 a month for unlimited calls  texts and 40gb Data on a network that offers 96% LTE coverage, 

    Always fascinated at the insane cost of data plans in the US
    It is because everything that has todo with internet here is incredibly expensive and unfortunately quite low qualified service if you compare with Europe. You are incredibly lucky if you can get a 300 Mb hardwired internet here. And the. You get to pay $150/month. Something that is half as slow and 4x as expensive as when I lived in Sweden 11 years ago.
  • Verizon's '5G' home broadband to launch on Oct. 1, free Apple TV 4K included

    Man I would like to poor diesel on my Xfinity modem and throw a match on it.. now when will the be have coverage in Cupertino?
  • Privacy not absolute: US among consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors

    With the exception of Canada and NZ the commonality of these nations are that they are rules by powertripping narcistic rulers. A sad day for democracy indeed!

  • Net neutrality ends June 11, Senate Democrats force last-minute vote

    ceek74 said:
    I literally have a choice of one ISP.  Great choices.
    Do you live in a small town or in a large metropolitan area? I'm guessing a small town.
    When I lived in NYC I had TW to “choose” and here in SF I have Xfinity to “choose”.
    The American infrastructure is crumbling but no one is willing to do any investments for the long haul.