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  • Editorial: HomePod is as powerful as the iPhone 6, so let's have an App Store for it

    I’m  out buying one because they are going to cancel it
  • Steve Jobs predicted the Mac's move from Intel to ARM processors

    Apple is always trying to bring things in house. Windows isn’t a threat anymore. Intel can’t produce fast enough. ARM kicks ass and I’ve been holding out for an ARM iMac.
  • If Qualcomm wants its 5G modems in the 2020 iPhone, it has to wrap up the legal battles no...

    Trust me. We will never see another Qualcomm modem in another iPhone ever.
  • The WSJ calling the iPhone XR a failure that 'can't sell' is ludicrously mistaken

    woolie said:
    Everyone who disagrees with the apple fanatics are always called trolls...   I currently own 10 apple products & it is no surprise that apple is in deep trouble since their focus under Cook is profits & providing tv shows, cars which clearly demonstrates they have taken their off their core customers & products...  The XR & Mac Air are the latest examples of mediocrity...  I was looking forward to buying the updated Mac Air...   I took my 2015 MacBook to the apple store to compare it...  It turned out to be a total joke...  They picked the cheapest, most unpowered processor on the market, the display is flat awful & dull & apple had the audacity to raise the price $300...   They say it's display is 300 nits, but fail to tell you the computer doesn't actually display all 300 nit, but rather something far less...   It is great for email & surfing the web...     My iMac performance has been brought to its knees by the last few operating system updates...  Even after increasing my ram 60%, Excel software & other similar software struggles mightily to work...  I have 2 ipads & again after a few software updates apple killed my oldest one & it barely works, it is now been regulated to be a book reader only...  My suggestion for any one buying any apple product is for them to review the internal specs on to see if the update is spending thousands of dollars for a tiny incremental update...  Buyer beware!!!   What you will see is that year after year apple actual hardware updates, though highly hyped are actually very minimal as a rule...  Do I trust apple, not anymore, they overhype & overprice...  Due to all my sluggish software performance (apple calendar gives me the spinning ball several times a week, iPhoto crashes several times an hour) I have decided to give apple one more try...  I purchased a 2018 MacBook Pro 13", 16gig, i5, 500, 4 core, 500 nits screen, laptop last week & it arrived today...  This is my 4th apple laptop, if its performance fails, I am getting off apple train...  OK apple fanboys, call me a troll, all others, apple buyers beware, do your research to find the rare apple gems...

    I would have to say is go back to school and learn how to write. Then maybe your writing and spelling will be taken more seriously.
  • Apple elaborates on iPad Pro precision manufacturing process, reiterates 400 micron tolera...

    You can accept marketing words for $1000, or you can not be stupid and return it until you can get one that isn’t bent and doesn’t pop out of the extra $50 to $200 case you want to put it in. Would you accept a bent car they are supposedly developing? That’s not trustworthy to me.