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  • Connect your DIY eGPU to a USB-C display with this cable

    So this cable will work with my LG Ultrafine 4K display and my 2018 15 inch MacBook Pro via a Razer Core X eGPU with AMD RX 5700 XT?
  • AMD details features of Radeon Pro Vega 16, Vega 20 destined for MacBook Pro

    So I bought my max spec MBP back in July (except with 2TB storage not 4TB) for longevity sake.  Now Apple is doing this.  I am feeling a bit disgusted by it.  Do you think I can go to the Apple Store and add-on some money to have the MBP swapped with the high end graphics?
  • Alleged 'A12' benchmark for 2018 iPhone with 4GB RAM pops up

    From my memory, A7 to A8 wasn't that impressive either. The focus was put in energy efficiency (for the bigger iPhones with larger displays) as well as improved sustained load. But the raw performance increase was minimal.
  • MacBook & iPad Pro updates might not make it to WWDC

    If this is true it shows Apple has the worst product update strategy in the whole business and are taking their customers for granted. The MacBook Pro's have processors that are 2 generations behind! Dell and others have introduced 8th gen intel processors months ago. Apple is a like a slow moving dinosaur. What is wrong with a MacBook Pro update every 8 to 12 months? We deserve better than this......
    The last MacBook Pro update was... 12 months ago.
    And IF this story is true we won't be seeing an update until October at the earliest....... This would mean a 16 month refresh cycle! With all their R&D budget I would expect them to be able to introduce a processor update to their devices within a few months of Intel releasing them onto the market. Given that the 8th gen chips started shipping in late 2017 that seems like wishful thinking!
    Not the chips that are suitable for the MacBook Pro though.  Apple has had longer than 12 months upgrade cycle before as well, I don't see a big issue with that.  
  • iPhone X shipments from Apple improve to 2-3 weeks in US

    Sorry need a rant in here.  Hong Kong Apple Online store suffers this same problem every year.  Scalpers buying all the iPhones to resell them in China for higher value, leaving actual users in the dust.  I remember back in late January 2015 is when I can finally buy an iPhone 6 Plus for my mum, 4 months after its release.  Now the iPhone X is having the same problem.  All other countries have constantly improved delivery dates but in Hong Kong you have absolutely no way to buy the iPhone X from Apple.  It's unavailable in the store, and the iReserve is rigged because scalpers use computer programs to automate the reserve process.  I find that really really frustrating.  I know this doesn't really concern you guys but I thought at least I want to be heard somewhere.