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  • Apple's Phil Schiller talks App Store commission, Amazon streaming deal, more in trial

    Schiller said that Apple doesn't give customer emails to developers automatically. However, developers can request customer emails from Apple. Once they have the contact information, developers can communicate generally with their customers about buying in-app items from outside the App Store. 
    This disturbs me. I'm upset with Apple. I thought they didn't give my email address to developers of software on the App Store.
    I received emails from developers previous to this article where I had purchased the App through the App Store so I figured for sometime that my email was being shared. It's one of the reasons I have two Apple IDs so I can keep purchases seperate from Contacts etc. 

    The area I'd love to know a bit more on is the Sign In with Apple and that in conjunction with App Store purchases. If I buy the App through the App Store and then use the Anonymous Sign In with Apple option, do they still get my email address or only just the Relay Email ID.
  • Apple-marketed robotics firm Anki goes into shutdown mode

    A shame, but not completely unexpected.

    In Australia, Anki Overdrive took way too long to get over here and when it finally did we got the "Fast & Furious" licenced pack which I know I was never interested in.

    In essence it was a beefed up slot-car set targeting the tech generation. That is going to be a pretty small market, I can count on one hand the number of colleagues I spoke to about it who were interested in it. And, not a single one of us actually did buy it.

    I think they really needed a couple of things. 

    1. A selection of cars and a base frame kit to allow slot-car enthusiasts to buy into the concept (it did have a number of advantages over the more expensive digital slot car systems but car model range was not it)
    2. A cheap entry path to allow parents to consider the set as a suitable racing car set. This might even mean providing a controller outside of the App for kids without phones / iPods.

    Sure, they would never have been able to complete with the $22 cheap sets available. But, targeted right I would have expected them to grab a good slice of the $200+ level sets and into the even more expensive digital sets targeting the slot-car enthusiasts.
  • Disgruntled MacBook Pro users petition Apple to recall defective keyboards

    I believe that if people think there is an issue then they are free to lobby the manufacturer, no matter who they are, to fix the problem.

    In my case, I held off my purchase as long as I could as I was concerned about the keyboard based on what I was reading online. I was like many in that I tried the keyboard in the store and thought it was the worst thing I have ever used and just couldn't see myself using it at all.

    I ended up making the purchase, more due to my employer moving to provide Macs rather than the BYOD approach and my hating the specs that they picked for the machines.

    I've had mine a few months now and is the keyboard louder than the old one? Yes.

    I decided to put a keyboard protector on as soon as I bought it to keep any crumbs etc (I have a very bad habit eating over my machine) out of the mechanism from day one.

    The keyboard takes some getting used to and I would say it will always be louder than I like but it is not as loud as it was when I tried it in store. There is also something to be said that once you get used to it you reduce the amount of force you use when belting the keys as you type. In fact, this might be the first keyboard which I haven't simply continued to use like the old mechanical typewriter I used in High School.
  • Questionable slide leak hints Apple abandoned rear-mounted Touch ID on 'iPhone 8'

    To quote Roger Murtaugh - "That's pretty f***ing thin." Given a "Mesa" is defined as "an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides, found in landscapes with horizontal strata." How do we know they aren't just talking about changes to the Lens / Flash Assembly / Bump, that seems to stick out a bit like a "Mesa" on the current phones.
  • Workflow 1.7.4 update restores some Google-related actions to iOS scripting app

    Speaking only for myself, I did not like this app and deleted it after a few hours of fiddling around with it. Anyone have a good experience using it and if so, for what purpose are you using it?
    I travel heavily for work and setup a workflow which makes sending a Travel Update a couple of taps ( Location, Action ) which is then sent via iMessage (Tap for Send). I then added this to the Notification Centre Widget s the whole thing takes 4 taps and a Touch ID unlock.