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  • Hands on with Apple's new 15-inch MacBook Air at WWDC

    rezwits said:
    I get tired of seeing posts like this: "We tried Final Cut Pro and..."

    It's like to me this is a Student laptop, or laptop for people who need something for Starbucks.  I mean don't get me wrong that is such an A$$hºl3 thing to say, but Final Cut Pro? Why oh why...

    It's literally an iWorks laptop (Office), email/calendar, Safari (Chromebook)!  Lightweight work anybody?

    But every time it's like we've got this tiny small laptop and "Here's how FCP did on it". WHO CARES!?!

    Like someone before me posted, "If someone wants to do FCP, (especially REAL FCP), they're gonna get a Pro Line machine, yeesh...  I mean come on we all know it's gonna run FCP, but are you really wanting this thing to spectacularly perform?

    A few short years ago, running FCP on MacBook Air would be an unthinkable proposition. 
    Ever since the introduction of the M-Series chips, this is a possibility and reviewers now want to put these machines through the ringer to see what is possible, on battery power alone. 

    IMO the biggest feature of these machines is the one thing you don’t hear……FAN NOISE. 
  • Hands on with Apple's new 15-inch MacBook Air at WWDC

    I definitely see the logic in releasing a larger Mac Book Air. 
    Having more screen real estate is a definite plus for many people albeit at slight portability penalty.
    A very good product for the masses, that is until we one day get a more affordable Vision Pro and then we could work on virtual 80" screens.  
  • Maxed-out Apple Silicon Mac Pro costs 1/4 what a maxed Intel one did

    darkvader said:
    Less RAM, no GPU upgrades.

    NOT impressed.  Honestly not even sure why Apple bothered.
    Maybe because the Intel Mac Pro was getting old and not selling, thus no longer making sense in keeping it in the lineup.
    Perhaps putting an M2 Ultra in the chassis with expandability slots for added SSD's or peripherals was the only thing possible at this very moment.
  • Maxed-out Apple Silicon Mac Pro costs 1/4 what a maxed Intel one did

    Doesn’t have very many upgrade options.
    You can do quite a bit with 64 Gen 4.0 PCIe lanes, even if it doesn't support graphics cards.
    You can’t add 1.5TB of ECC memory.
    Are you in the market for that?
    Great question. Wonder if you're ever going to a get an answer for this? 
    Not just a simple "yes" or "no" but actual use cases where 1.5 TB of RAM are really necessary. 
  • 'Apple Glasses' reportedly launching in 2026 or 2027 at the earliest

    Wasn’t it as recently as a year ago that “Apple car” rumors were hitting these pages with headlines like “to be released in 2023 or 2024”?
    This rumor sounds a bit like this. Predict something far off into the future and if it doesn’t pan out, then hopefully everyone has forgotten about it by then.