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  • Beatles producer says Spatial Audio album doesn't sound right, plans new mix

    So far I can’t say that Spatial Audio has impressed me. Of course my only experience with it has been through a pair Beats Studio 3 headphones, that I purchased at a discount last year. 
    Maybe through Apple AirPods Max my opinion will change.

    That being said, HiRes Lossless has impressed me more. Not through the Beats but through a pair of Audio Technica M20X headphones and a very basic DAC purchased through Amazon. Still waiting for my Dragonfly Red DAC to arrive, to see if that will make a difference.
  • NFL looks for new Sunday Ticket deal, Apple may be in early talks

    The achilles heal of MLB, are the nonsensical blackouts. If I pay for a service for the season, I want to be able to see EVERY GAME. With less people subscribing to a Cable provider, watching local teams has become more difficult. In my case in NY both Yankee and Mets games are always blacked out, so I can’t watch them even though I am subscribed to the MLB package. 

    Have you tried using a VPN? I don’t about MLB app, but DAZN works just fine for me.
    Even in the US, with DAZN I just sign into Express VPN Canadian server and catch all the Premier League or Champions League games I want. NFL games (all of them) are also on Canada’s DAZN stream.
  • Apple's App Tracking Transparency driving advertisers to spend more on Android

    I've had a few of these warnings show up on my iPhone/iPad/AppleTV. 
    So far hasn't had a negative impact at all on any of my activities. Netflix/Amazon/Crave all remember where I left off, on all of my devices.
    No software has any business knowing our habits when we're not using the app. 

    As for Facebook, they can take a hike for all I care. There's no reason for me to reactivate my account with them any time soon. 
  • Facebook joins $1 trillion market cap club following dismissal of FTC suit

    I disactivated my account recently, something I should’ve done a long time ago. 
    Sick and tired of all the BS suggestions about new friends and postings about celebrating someone’s dog’s birthdays. 
    Only kept messenger, since many family members communicate through it. 
    Oh and thanks to Apple for putting in tighter controls on app tracking. 

  • Some M1 iMac models appear to sit off-center due to manufacturing flaw

    I notice that the 'Tim Apple' guy didn't bother to establish that his desk is actually level first. Not saying that's the issue with the iMac, but if the desk isn't level...then it's not going to matter if the iMac is level. 
    Except that he clearly measured right and left and proved that it was not straight. 
    It doesn’t matter if his desk is level at a 45 degree angle or vertical. When measuring left edge and right edge from the surface of the desk, these measurements should be identical. 
    The wider the display the more noticeable it becomes. Clearly a defect and should be exchanged.